Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Small Sigma and MAC haul

Good morning,
Just gonna post a quick post on the products I recently ordered - 3 brushes from Sigma and 4 products from MAC. I wasn't supposed to... but I got home after collecting my results last week and they weren't exactly what I wanted, they were okay I guess but just a bit meh. Anyway... good luck everyone picking up their GCSE's today!

I'm so pleased with these brushes, I haven't yet used them... but they seem sturdy, very high quality and soft. I still don't understand how they can get away with naming pretty much all of the brushes with the same number as MAC... it amazes me that they haven't been stopped?!
  • Eyeliner brush SS209 $9.00 [£5.84ish]
  • Tapered blending brush E35 $9.00 [£5.84ish]
  • Small duo fibre brush SS188 $14.00 [£9.10ish]
Much cheaper than MAC! I think the delivery was around the equivalent of £6 which seeing as though it's coming all the way from the states... is pretty reasonable. I wasn't expecting the brushes to turn up at my door within a week, I was imagining more 14 days sort of time, but I think they only took about 8 days to get here! Really impressed so far, and I think I'll be ordering some more!

I bought the bush Harmony from MAC - to use as a contour. Admittedly, in a swatch it doesn't look very pretty... but I know it's going to be an amazing, natural contour colour. I think I will get a lot of use out of this! I ordered both my blushes in pan form... and I don't know why I never did?? It's much cheaper, and I have a blush palette anyway so... It's a matte finish, so perfect for contour. £13.50 for pan form, £16.50 for clam compact.

Next blush is Well Dressed, I've wanted this blush forever... I think it's going to turn into my everyday favourite. It's a cool toned pink, proper pink lady pink is what I think the MAC website describe it as. It has a Satin finish, which is a first for me. It does have tiny shimmers in it, but just the right amount. £13.50 for pan form, £16.50 for clam compact.

On the left of both pictures we have Patisserie, and on the right we have Velvet Teddy. Below are going to be some shoddy swatches, with crappy quality. All I can do is apologise!

This is Patisserie... it's a Lustre finish, so feels quite nourishing on the lips and has that beautiful glossy finish. The website describes it as a creamy neutral pink, and I think that's true. I really like it, nothing unusual or amazing about it... but it's pretty :) It also has glitter particles, but it doesn't make it gritty at all, which when I saw them, I thought it would be. £12.50.

And this, is Velvet Teddy. I haven't heard about Velvet Teddy... ever I don't think? It's a Matte finish, which scared me slightly. I've now found out, when MAC say Matte they mean Matte. I thought this was going to make my lips shrink and look smaller, but they look surprising full! MAC say this is deep tone beige, and they're right. It's a brown toned nude, it's something a bit different for me as it's quite a dark nude, but it looks quite natural and I really quite like it! £12.50.

Once again good luck to those year 11's getting their results today. Have you tried Velvet Teddy - have you ever heard of it?


  1. I've wanted to try out sigma brushes forever! I hope I talk my mom into letting me order some online :) maybe during the holidays? :)



  2. love those mac lippies!i've been looking for a perfect shade to get for a long time,velvet teddy and patiserrie look great:),thanks for sharing:)xx

  3. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for doing this post! I have been looking for a color like velvet teddy everywhere and have never found one! I didn't even see it last time I went to MAC probably because it was in the matte section. Gonna pick this up next time I make a trip!

  4. Great haul! I love the lipsticks you got!


  5. @Paula - ah yeah, you should try and get her to because they are worthwhile :)

    @Irene - yay, im glad you like them both and i hope you enjoy them!

    @Chic Geek - haha oh it's no problem! i love it when my posts help someone so it's my pleasure :)

    @Lisa - thank you hun


  6. great lipsticks love them !! and the blushes great picks girlie !!

  7. lovely products! I love sigma brushes too :)

  8. I love the sigma brushes! I want to make an order soon but i'm skint :( xx


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