Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Collective haul

Hello loves,
Recently i've done a tad bit of shopping... but with good reason! Every time winter rolls around, i am never and i mean never ready for it. So i thought i'd go out and get a couple of bits to create my winter wardrobe. Nothing special, pretty much just a couple of basic jumpers.

I got this scoop neck jumper because 1) i love stripes and 2) i love grey! The teal colour is also really pretty, and i don't really own anything of this colour. They did them in a bunch of combinations and i think i might pop back and get some more, they're great to chuck over jeans :) |Primark £5.00|

Love, love, love this jumper! The sequined/embellished bow just jazzes up a plain boring, grey jumper (told you i love grey!) and makes it a little bit more interesting! It also has slight shoulder pads that give a bit of shape - perfect for pear ladies! |Primark £11.00|

This is a beautiful, very sheer blouse that i'll team over the top of a nude cami, and maybe a skinny waist belt and leggings. This is quite over sized on me and finishes a bit below the hip - i'd probably like it to be a little bit longer, but ah well. |Zara £9.99|

I thought this was a great little find... i was wandering through the men's section (as you do) and i saw a table piled with shirts packaged in cellophane. Now i'm not all that clued up on male sizes and measurements so took a bit of a guess, and it worked out pretty well, The only problem is that the sleeves were a bit too over sized, but rolling them up a tad seemed to do the trick. Again perfect with a waist belt. |Primark £3.00|

After i was saying i'm preparing for the winter... i bought this pretty summer dress, lol! I was originally going to buy this when it first came in, so when i saw it on sale i had to nab it. It's a really simple and comfy dress that ends just above the knee. But what drew me to it was the pretty frill around the neckline. I'll wear this with a waist belt to show off the frill a bit more. |ASOS £12.00|

Now LBD time! I had to get this when i saw it - especially as this too, was in the sale section! It's jersey material and is very form fitting (hello spanx!), with ruched cups on the bust. This sorta fits in the trend of 'underwear as outerwear' and is perfect for a night out. Now, i don't have that big of a bust, but it's certainly bigger than these cups accommodate. However, when on it looks fine and it doesn't misshape or make your lady lumps look a bit funny. Another things - the cups are some sort of plastic mould inside which i thought would be super uncomfy but i didn't really notice them. |ASOS £16.00|

Lastly, an accessory. This nice tan waist belt with a gold cross buckle. I love tan coloured belts, they're so compatible with a bunch of different colours and clothes. |Primark £3.00|

So that's my collective haul from the last week or so :) Are you preparing for winter?

PS: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm now up to 400 followers which is truely amazing. I love and thank every one of you!!


  1. I love the jumper with the bow!! So cute!

  2. I really like the jumpers! Might make a trip to Primark soon hehe!

    Daisy :) x

  3. Love the jumpers and belt! You've reminded me i need to go and find some bargins! xo

  4. I love the tan belt :)

    [+&] the blouse is lovely too !


  5. I bought loads of jumpers the other day because I never seem to have any! I like the dress too you can always teem it with tights for the winter :) Lovely post xx

  6. Ahahaha...I'm never ready for winter either! I just think I have enough from the year before but then I find something wrong with my sweaters, etc. and before I know it I'm shopping sweaters in January --'

    I like your Asos dress purchase!


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