Sunday, 26 September 2010

Day 20 - A hobby of yours

Hey guys,
okay so again, i don't really have a hobby besides make up and shopping! i suppose reading? i do like to read but i don't really have much time (or money) to get through a whole pile of books. other hobbies would be just chilling with friends or the boy, i'm a bit of a 'home' girl and i'm always happiest with a friend lounging around inside doing various things - come dine with me marathons being my favourite ;)

blogging of course is my biggest hobby! i love to do it and love the feedback i get from you guys. i don't think i could ever cut it on youtube... i think the blogging community is a lot friendlier and i'm happy to say (touch wood) that i haven't experienced any negative comments. so thanks everyone for being so lovely! :D

excuse the boobage - but i love this picture -

love you all lots


  1. haha i love the picture! i am going to start doing this on my blog (:,xxx

  2. Ha ha that picture is great!!
    As for the reading - i read ALL the time, always have a book on the go, but my advice would be to get them from charity shops, that's what i do. I manage to find loads of books in there, in fab condition, and most of them are still being sold for £7.99 im WHSmith!!

  3. I love that pic haha. I love reading. Amazon does books cheaper than in store. Sometimes it'll be a few pounds, other times it'll be a few pennies. Either way i'm still saving money! As asda would say - "Every little helps" :) xxxx

  4. Oh great! Comment FAIL there haha! I meant as Tesco would say - "Every little helps" :)

  5. great picture I agree blogging is amazing !!!

  6. Love that top! And I completely agree.. I love blogging! x


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