Friday, 17 September 2010

My new treasure :)

Hello lovelies,
So i went with my daddy a few days ago to help him do the grocery shopping at tesco - because i'm such a nice daughter ;) So then when we got there, of course i couldn't help but explore the clothes section whilst my dad was picking out spuds and whether to get utterly butterly or clover, and this is what i found...

I'm not usually a shoes gal - i like them, but i don't often buy them... especially not heels. But these were just so pretty to me! They have a platform, which makes them super easy to walk in and they are made from this suede type material. I loved the combination of the cut outs, lace up and the peep toe. I had to have them :)

As i said just a minute ago, i'm not the biggest buyer of shoes. I would find it very, very hard to part with over £30 for a pair ( a handbag on the other hand...). So these were just up my alley. Who would've thought £15 from F&F at Tesco! Barg ;)

Do you have a habit of disappearing into the clothes aisles when you should be picking out the nicest looking apples and checking for broken eggs?


  1. They're gorgeous, I love them so much!

  2. Ahh they're lush! Yes I do have a habit of that haha, every shopping trip actually, that's the only reason I go!

  3. I got some amazing ankle boots there yesterday. x

  4. Love them! x

    I hate going grocery shopping - If I do go it's to look at the clothing & shoes isle, haha! xD

  5. @Lauren - glad you like them! :)

    @Louise - hahaa!! they're always the best aisles, how can we resist??

    @Victoria India - thanks hun!

    @Missmsacara - it's such an unexpected place to find great shoes but i saw a few pairs i liked!

    @Renu - i don't blame you ;) grocery shopping is a b.o.r.e


  6. They look gorgeous and were such a bargain! I really wish my Tesco sold clothes! xxx

  7. Those are lovely :)

    Im the same, im more of a clothes than shoe gal!


  8. They are gorgeous and would amazing with coloured tights x

  9. Ooooh they are purtyful! I feel the same about shoes! I do love them but never want to pay over £15! I'm desperately wanting a pair of military heels.. but £20.. arrrgh dilemma! hehe Gorgeous buy anyway, look forward to seeing them with outfits! xx

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  11. Wow! Can't blame you for buying them! I'm not a shoes kinda girl either but I'd buy those!


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