Thursday, 30 September 2010

Woodies Longboard Diner

Hello sweets,
so a few nights ago me, my grandma, my eldest niece and my daddykins went for a loverly meal at a place called Woodies Longboard Diner.

it's basically a 50's american diner style restaurant, that is one of my up most favourites! they sell soda every colour of the rainbow and instead of giving you mints with your bill, they supply you with black jacks and fruit salads. feeling my love for it?? 

i thought i'd just share with you some photo's i took, as it is my favourite place to eat. if you're ever in the Brighton and hove area, pop by and have a bite :)

'thunderbolt' chicken burger
chicken fillet with lettuce, onions, mayonnaise and spicy tomato salsa

'peppermint grove' sundae
mint choc chip ice cream with mint crisps.

'blue bubblegum' soda
as sugary sweet as it sounds, so, so yummy!

if you want to visit the website, here it is: Woodies. take a look at the pictures, i love the place!


  1. oh wow that looks amazing! i wish i had somewhere like that near me!xx

  2. Oh that looks so coool!

    The blue bubblegum soda looks yummmmy lol

    And blackjams ... mmm :)


  3. Looks so yummy! I love Jones soda xx

  4. Ooh that looks amazing! I really fancy a burger and a sundae now xx

  5. That sundae looks so good. Ive been trying to give up icecream but this picture is making me want some!


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