Saturday, 16 October 2010

Not a neutral (kind of)!

hey guys,
yes you read the title correctly - this is not a neutral! okay, well it is but... i've really been wanting to inject some colour to my make up, but i got a bit bored of just bright lips and wanted to bring it to the eyes. however, a bright eye at college or anywhere else other than a fancy dress party looks a bit strange on me. so i thought i'd just do a 'bung it on the lashline' jobbie. and here's my face of the day :)

it's actually a lot brighter in real life, but meh that's uncooperative cameras for you :)

l'oreal infallible foundation
rimmel renew and lift powder
mac studio finish concealer
mac harmony blush - normally used as a contour
elf golden bronzer - on cheekbones

17 mardi gras eyeshadow - lid
black from sleek palette - outer v and as liner on upper lashline
urban decay alice - lower lashline
maybelline colossal

natural collection apple blossom lipstick

so yup, i've injected some colour for today! even if it is a tiny bit. next step... bright lid colour! im getting there slowly but surely lol.

who else has issue with colour?? cant just be me!


  1. Haha you do exactly what I do....I love my neutrals and the only colour goes on the lashline! :) I think it looks pretty though!
    I have to say about 90% of my eyeshadows are some shade of brown, bronze, greys, blacks, beiges! haha


  2. i wear colour often, i love it too much!
    you're so pretty xx

  3. love the make-up, you look pretty.

  4. That looks really nice, i've started adding a bit of colour just below my eye now too. It jazzes the look up without being extreme :) x


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