Tuesday, 26 October 2010

'Post it on'

hello cuppycakes!
so recently i got a message from the lovely Tarynn who works for Tesco Clothing. she messaged me asking if i would be interested in a new thing they've started called 'post it on'. basically, they told me i could pick an item of clothing from the new autumn/winter range and i was absolutely thrilled! they then told me that i could choose another fellow blogger to receive a free item of clothing of their choice!!

so this is the top that i chose, and i'm so, so pleased with it :)

it's a gorgeous black long sleeved top with these beautiful gold embellishments on the shoulder area. embellishments, beads and sequins are really big at the moment and i'm loving it! i already have quite a few bits and pieces in my wardrobe from F&F at Tesco so i had no worries about the quality - and this was no different. The quality is really beautiful, you can tell it will last a long time and it's affordable at only £12.

this is how i wore it on a recent night out, and i got several compliments. as you can see it's really nicely form fitting. it's quite long, but not long enough to wear as a dress, so i just popped a black body con skirt on underneath (from H&M). i also wore it with these shoes that i raved about here.

i recommend leaving out accessories, in particular necklaces as this top really doesn't need it ; it's a big enough statement be itself. i also wore my hair up so you could see the embellishments nicely :) i love this top because it's so versatile... it would look great with some acid wash jeans/jeggings and some chunky biker boots for the day time.

they were so amazing and sent me these super cute necklace that i had no idea about. and it's quite funny really because they used to sell a similar button necklace at argos years ago and i just recently popped online to see whether they still did it - they didn't :( but this one is so pretty and i've been wearing it a lot!!

okay so i'm sorry this was a bit of a mammoth post... but now onto the good stuff - who have a chosen to receive a piece of clothing of their choice from the Tesco autumn/winter range?

i'll let the lovelies at Tesco know and they'll be in touch with you shortly! they really offered great customer service and when i had a query they replies almost immediately!


  1. wow great idea, hope it can go round for a while, plus louise definately deserves it, she is a great blogger!

  2. :O Thank you Natalie! This has cheered me up so much! :)

  3. @lisa - me too, it seems like a great idea!

    @louise - my pleasure doll! i know you got a lot on your plate at the moment with the psychology! :)


  4. I keep checking for an email haha I'm a tad impatient!

  5. Do you know when they'll be notifying me?


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