Thursday, 28 October 2010

Retail therapy

hello ladies,
thought i'd do a bit of a collective haul from about... the past month i'd say. i've been trying not to spend too much in preparation for Christmas (all my shopping is almost done!) but i couldn't go without buy some stuff. and when i say some i have a feeling this is going to be a picture heavy, epic haul. better jump to it...

floral vest [H&M] £7.99

waterfall cardigan [H&M] £10
i love these waterfall cardigans! i think they're really flattering on me. plus this one is super soft and quite thick so great for the chill that's already arrived. atm H&M have £10 on selected knitwear, so pop on down :)

longline cardigan [PRIMARK] £9
just a boring plain black cardigan, i was going to pick up a chunky knit... but i've been meaning to pick up another black cardigan. i really liked the buttons on this.

leopard print scarf [PRIMARK] £3
such a bargain! this is just going to jazz up a boring outfit.

name necklace [EBAY] £4
i've been lusting over one of these for ages, i popped onto ebay and there one was! i can't remember the exact price but i think it was £5 with packaging. i don't remember the seller either but if you just type 'name necklace' it'll come up :)

coconut + almond hair mask £1.99
maybelline dream matte powder £6.99
batiste tropical £2.30
rimmel lash accelerator £6.99

no7 cleansing sponges [BOOTS] £3.50
britney spears circus fantasy [CHEAPSMELLS] £17ish
i had a no7 voucher and there was nothing i wanted, so i picked up these sponges. everybody always tells me how st ives is really bad for your skin, so i'm going to wean myself off and use these daily for gentle but regular exfoliation.

this is my first delve into britney spears fragrances and this was on offer (don't know if it still is) on the website who basically just do discounted fragrance, make up etc. i really love the smell and the tacky bottle. really impressed!

pomegranate candle [HOMEBASE] £4.99
thermal flask [THERANGE] £2.99
i just recently decorated my room and whilst i was in homebase picking up paint, i got this guy. smells gorge! but the smell isn't really all that strong when burning.

got a thermal flask so i can start taking coffee to college, it's needed! got this at a shop called the range which i think it UK wide, but i'm not sure. it's just basically an amazing homewares shop that's really affordable. link here.

black cup £1.99
black drawers £5.99 each
i wanted a new make up brush holder, i saw this and loved it. it looks like black diamond encrusted sort of thing, love it!

also wanted some new drawers for my make up... i wasn't liking my previous ones and they were getting a bit broken, lol. i saw these and thought they were perfect, and they are :) it's also going to help me not get out of control with my make up. i hereby vow that i won't let my collection get bigger than what can fit in these!

tampons [SAINSBURYS] £?
okay so this might seem a bit odd... but i've never seen these before and i thought i'd share :) they're tampons that come in this pretty little kitsch box that you wouldn't mind having on your dresser, let a lone in the bathroom. it comes with this cute little tin that you can put your lady bits in. much more discrete and less painful than that moment of all your tamps falling out of your bag!

warm 88 palette [EBAY] £8
so last but not least (told you this was epic!) i got an 88 palette, the warm on. neutrals heaven!! i just got one of the cheap ones from ebay, that came all the way from hong kong all in one piece. i was expecting the pigmentation to be crappy, but it's surprisingly very good! have been using this everyday since i got it... it was only £8 including delivery!

so that was my epic haul, i'm sorry to have taken up this much of your life, lol! if you have any questions about any of the products (want a review for example) just let me know down below of send an e mail my way :)


  1. I've wanted to buy that palette for a while but never seem to have a spare £8, looks gorgeous though. & I've been looking for those tampons! haha will look harder next time.
    I've just bought a flask to take to school too, will be a life saver :)
    Lovely haul and yay for almost completely your Christmas shopping!

  2. @Louise - i know what you mean, i've been meaning to get it since christmas last year!! i'm gonna try and chase up tesco for you today, im sorry about the delay chick xoxo

  3. I love that neclace! Thier so sweet :) x

  4. amazing haul! i so need the 88 warm palette<3,xxx

  5. I discovered Moxie in Australia 2 years ago... I re-use the tin ever since. 1 on display in the bathroom (not embarassed to have it out because it is so pretty) and 1 in my bag. Pity they don't sell them in greece.
    K. x


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