Sunday, 10 October 2010

Review: Elf's HD powder

hey everyone,
im gonna do a review today on a product which i havent stopped using ever since i got it. i actually got it a while ago, but never got round to posting a review - which it most definitely deserves! and thats the elf high definition powder.

first thing - i love the packaging. it's black and looks really sleek, and much more expensive that it actually is. it's one thing to not look cheap, but it doesn't feel cheap either. which is always good! only thing i dont like is that its opaque do you cant really see how much powder you have left.

okay so you open it up and it comes with it's own powder puff, type thing... which i never use - i find i get a better finish and control with a brush. it also has a sifter which is great and i think every loose powdered product should have one!

as you can see (and probably already know) it appears as a white powder, but i promise you this does go on translucently and doesn't leave you looking a bit pasty. this makes it ideal for every skintone, and avoids trying to work out which online swatch will work best for you. the main appeal of this powder is obviously the 'high definition' which i take to mean as 'this will make you look flawless and airbrushed' maybe high hopes? but i really do think this makes a difference to the look of my skin. although it may not be a drastic difference, it sort of gives a 'soft focus' to your skin... which make any blemishes look less obvious.

at first i was worried about this powder making me look a bit cakey, but it does the opposite! if you've gone a bit powder happy, this reduces it, making skin look smoother and more natural. not to mention the velvety touch it brings. i apply this over the top of all my make up - foundation, blush bronzer etc. and it just makes it all stay there for longer than it usually would. i apply it with my elf powder brush as it's a dense brush and applies just the right amount to my skin (i pat it on then buff). this powder is a bit messy and you usually end up in a white cloud, but it's so worth it!

you can get this from the elf website for £5, bargain! everyone needs to try this :) if you have any questions just pop the below!


  1. I really want to try this!! It's such good value for money! xx

  2. ive heard so much about this powder!
    i shall put it in my next elf order. :)

    Amelia xx

  3. I've been wanting to try this! Thanks :)

  4. @Nicola - ahh we love a bit of elf ;) i might pick up the MAC prep and prime just to see how it compares?

    @Cotton - i really recommend it, won't let you down :)

    @AestheticAnonymous - no probs, im happy it's helped someone!


  5. My MAC Prime & Prime powder has finished so I might just give this a go. Thanks for the review lovely! xx

  6. I wanna try this out!


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