Sunday, 28 November 2010

Christmas Wishlist

Hello my loves,
So... there's no getting around the fact that Christmas is near, it's the start of December this week! How fast has this year gone?!?! Anyways, I always make a Christmas wishlist, and I normally do wishlist posts on here... so yup, here's my Christmas wishlist. A girl can dream ;)

Santa if you're reading this and you have a spare Audi R8, or failing that... a black Renault Clio knocking around, send it my way please? I've been really good this year :) What do you want for Christmas??


  1. Oft loving some of the bargain buys to got listed on this! You've given me some good idea for secret santa too cheers!! Thinking I'm mainly getting money for savings this year - I want to start driving lessons =].

    Love J.

  2. That's a great wishlist! I'll have to check some of these out :)

  3. @Bon Vivant Clique - Good idea, thats what I did last year! Hope the driving goes well :)

    @KawaiiFreak - I'm glad you liked it :D


  4. Love the tesco jacket, Myth lipstick and tesco jumper. :) x

  5. Love the list! Mac Mineralize is amazing!

    - Sriya

  6. All these things look amazing! Sigh, if only I were rich. Haha :)

  7. Hi Natalie!

    Love your blog!

    I've started doing the 1hundred tag all because of you :]

    Would live if you could check my blog out...



  8. ohh that watch, pleeeaaaseee santa! x

  9. i ordered pink nouveau for christmas today :D,xxx

  10. @Steph - wouldn't that jacket just keep you so toasty?!

    @LipglossAndLeopardPrint - I hear about it so much and i NEED it in my life!!

    @Chic Geek - well, we can wish right? lottery ticket it is ;)

    @Beauty Geek - aaah thank you SO much really means a lot to me. i checked out your blog and i'm now a follower ;) looking forward to your 100 things!

    @rowan.king - it's so gorgeous, i hope santa has blogger!

    @Holly - oooh i'm jelous holly :(



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