Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day 25 - Your day, in great detail

Hello lovers,
Another addition of the 30 day tag and today is to describe my day 'in great detail'. To be honest, my days right now aren't all that exciting - it's all work, work, work with no rest or play! *violin* So instead, I thought I'd do a combined day in pictures with a bit of detail that I forgot to picture! Lol. Oh and a bit of a cheat... this was yesterday :) WARNING: PICTURE HEAVY POST NOW COMMENCES

Right so first off, I got up, got ready and headed off to college. Luckily for me, it takes me about 5/10 minutes walking to get there and it's quite a quaint and pretty route. So obviously, as you do, I took some pictures of my walk to college. It was actually sunny and not raining for the first time in about 5 days!

So after that pretty walk to college, and a long tiring day full of note taking, revising and textbook reading, this was how dark it was when I walked back home afterwards... Fab!

Yesterday was actually mine and Dean's two year anniversary <3 We decided we weren't going to do presents but he still got me two beautiful roses - one for each year. Which are now, classily sitting in a Stella pint glass, lol!

For a little bit of a celebration, we went to Woodies, my fave restaurant which I actually dedicated a post to here. I had a gorgeoussss burger with lots of salad and thousand island sauce. Nom nom! And here's a little picture of the alternative to mints that they give you with the bill. I love it there so much!

After that, we pretty much went home had some cuddles, lounged around and watched I'm a celebrity get me out of here. My views? Love Stacey, hate Gillian. I'm sorry my days aren't a bit more interesting but meh, my life isn't right now haha!

Oh and my kitty cat now has a new favourite spot to sleep... right where I hang my towels. She's so cuteee! >.<



  1. You're really lucky to go to school near such beautiful and rustic surroundings. I'd kill to walk down those streets daily.

    Happy 2 years!

  2. I was thinking about doing this tag.... *ponders*
    Mmmmm, I love scrummy yummy black jacks.

    Love, Lauren

  3. @Alyse - It's really strange but it's the only 'rustic' place near me at all, and it's so small... But it is a great walk to college, even int he freezing cold! Lol. + Thanks chick xoxo

    @Lauren - You should, you should! I'm pretty sure you'd be better at it than me, lmao



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