Monday, 22 November 2010

DIY Fringe

Hello girlies :)
The other morning when I was styling my hair, I realised my fringe is so out-grown and out of control. You know, when it's gone past the point of ever doing anything you want it to? Something that looks a little something like this...

Now, I would've popped along to my hairdressers (it is just down the road...), but my fringe is one thing that I don't even trust my hairdresser with... They always seem to get it just out! So I grabbed a pair of scissors (ordinary ones at that) and started hacking... I've always cut my own fringe and I've not yet had any disaster *touches wood*. Here is what I ended up with...

I feel so much better now my fringe co-operates! And now I feel quite tempted to cut in a full fringe long enough to be a side swept fringe when I want it to be. What do you guys think... go in for the kill or quit whilst I'm ahead?

On a sidenote... this lipstick is much redder in real life and it's 17's Mirror Shine lipstick in the shade 'Hollywood' a really nice, glossy, cherry red which is surprisingly easy to wear. Plus, milestone of the century... Dean actually noticed a change in my make up! He commented how much he liked a red lip. I think I'll be sporting it more in the future :)

Do you guys go to the hairdressers for a fringe trim or DIY it?


  1. god your so gorgeous! and what a helpful little idea, the fringe really suits you :) Fern, xxx

  2. It looks lovely - I always cut my own fringe as hairdressers always seem to leave bits of it or cut it too short! x

  3. this looks lovely! :) x

  4. I'm totally with you on this one! The hairdresser always seem to mess up my fringe -_-

  5. Your fringe looks lovely! I always cut mine at home.. Ha! I learnt how to do it by watching how the hairdresser does it LOL! xx

  6. Haircut looks really nice! I love that lip color as well! xo

  7. This is so perfect! I always mess my hair up when I do it myself, but I never let hairdressers do it. You should keep your fringe like this!

  8. When I had a fringe I always used to cut it myself. My mother cuts my hair so I have all the tools to do it, so I thought why not.
    I kinda of miss not having a fringe now haha
    You are gorgeous missy & love the red lippie on you xx

  9. @Fern - Aw thank you!

    @Caz - I'm glad I'm not the only one! I was thinking maybe it was my hairdressers weakness, lol!

    @Steph - Thank you hun :D

    @Christina - Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

    @Gaby - What is it with hairdressers and fringes?! Lol

    @LipglossAndLeopardPrint - Hahaa, I think the trick is to do little bits at a tme and not hack a whole chunk off :L

    @Chloe - Thanks Chloe :)

    @Chic Geek - Thanks chick, normally I run a mile if it's not a nude lip ;)

    @Ambaaam - Ohh I don't know about perfect! Just cut little bits at a time, step back and look in the mirror... never go for a big snip :)

    @Abbie - It probably would be better with some proper hairdressing scissors... I use whatever scissors are lying around :| oops lol! Thanks Abbie :)



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