Friday, 19 November 2010


Hello sweets,
Yup, another face of the day slash eye of the day. I really love reading posts like this, and I hope you guys aren't getting bored of seeing my mug plastered all over my blog! Lol. Anyways, I'm always fighting a constant battle to integrate colour in my make up... Although I'm quite comfortable with purple, I normally go for a purple smoky eye... But, I've been seeing quite a lot of lilac and lavender tones and thougth I'd give it a go!

Lid colour is from 88 warm palette
Outer corner colour is from 88 warm palette
Crease colour is Urban Decay's AC/DC
Lower lashline is mix between Urban Decay's AC/DC and Ecstasy
L'oreal Super liner carbon gloss
Rimmel lash accelerator
Elf brow kit

I went for a bit more of an obvious crease, I normally like to blend, blend, blend so it's a really subtle change of colour. Today I fancied not a cut crease, but more 'cut' than I normally go for. If that makes sense?

Revlon Colorstay
Natural Collection concealer
Maybelline dream matte powder
MAC harmony as contour
Mix of both Elf's contour and blush duo shades on cheeks
Natural collection lipstick in Apple Blossom
+ Big, bouncy and curly hair!

If you ever want a tutorial like I did here for any of the eotd's I show you then please let me know in the comments below and I'll try and re-create it :) Lots of love!


  1. Gorgeous. I love the eyes. Will have to get into my 88 palette soon.

  2. Love the eye make-up! You look gorgeous! :)

    Love Sriya x

  3. @Kaushal - Thanks so much, nice feedback always reassures me! :)

    @FunnyFacdeBeauty - Yes!! I'm really loving my 88 palette... I think I might just have to get the colour one :)

    @Sriya: Aw thank you honey <3


  4. You look gorgeous ladyy!!! Love how your shadow looks xx

  5. Your lashes are beautiful!
    I love the purple e/s on you, I think purple suits brown eyes really well


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