Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Grey/Silver Smokey eye

hello lovelies,
okay so i'm really happy to be doing this post... you've probably seen me mention that i'm really eager to do some picture tutorials. i've sort of got the knack of my camera settings now so that you can actually see things, lol! so yeah, i'm going to show you my 'go-to' smokey eye which is in this EOTD. lets get on with it :)...

Place a medium grey/silver all over the lid to just above the crease

push a darker grey/silver into the lashline

blend the darker shade up into the lid colour

apply a grey-brown onto the crease and almost up to the brow bone

use a matte black on the outer v and wing it out

blend the black out softly, not pressing to hard or it will dissappear

using an angled brush, push the same black onto the lashline

this is how your eyes should look so far :)...

line the waterline with a black eyeliner pencil and smudge it out slightly

using the lid colour, apply beneath the black eyeliner with an angled brush

curl your lashes and coat top and bottom lashes with mascara

so there we go! my first picture tutorial :D i hope this was helpful/interesting to some of you, at least lol. please leave me some feedback... did you like this post? did you not? any tips or requests? leave down below :)



  1. i loved this cos you got to see exactly what you did! looks lovely, please do some more :)

  2. thanks emma, i'm glad you liked it... i was a bit anxious about how it was going to go down lol! xoxo

  3. This is beautiful! Love it, you have amazing eyes! What mascara do you use? xx

  4. thank you hun! im this im wearing l'oreals voluminous :) xoxo

  5. great post - i've tried so hard to do dark eyes. I can't seem to perfect it. Would have maybe liked to see a full face shot when it's done?


  6. beautiful! i'll definitely be following this guide :) xo

  7. Great post, the instructions are so clear and the photos are really helpful. I'll definitely be following this tutorial next time I attempt a smokey eye! x


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