Monday, 29 November 2010

I'm a grazer...

Hey guys,
I've been getting graze boxes for a while now, and I really love the whole concept. If you haven't checked them out then you definitely should... and if you don't already get them delivered or if you just want a free one then use the code they sent me for 'feeding my friends' lol! Code: 21PDYGM3. Some of my favourite so far have been the copacapana, lost army cracker mix, korean chilli rice crackers, great fire dragon, salsa tossed almonds, vanilla seeds but today I got this tasty goodness...

I ate them as soon as they were popped through my letterbox! They are so, so good! Nom nom. What's your favourite box from graze?


  1. Wow, I've never heard of this before o_o. It sounds pretty cool though! Is there anything you get that you don't like?

  2. I have these.. The sweet and sour nuts are really nice too!

    Amaris - You can pick what you would like to receive and what you don't want to receive.


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