Monday, 1 November 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow...

hello my beauties!
yesterday my lovely beau dean bought me some beautiful flowers home from work. i think i've mentioned a few times he's a florist. he used to bring me flowers all of the time but lately he's been slacking ;) so he bought me these babies home, how stunning are they??

oh the perks of having a florist for a boyf ;) the florist he works at deliver all over the uk and they really affordable and the flowers last forrrever! even in the hands of myself, who usually kills flowers as soon as i touch them. so if you want to drop hints to your other half or someone's birthday coming up i really recommend ordering from them: BD Sanders.

hope you're all well guys,


  1. Oh my...those are stunning..If you dont mind will have to save this photo...its soooo gorgeous!!! xx

  2. @Pinkhair - oh no of course i don't mind! :)

    @Holly - just aswell he's not a mechanic or something... could be getting some dirty overalls instead! :L


  3. Ohh wow. They are gorgeous. I love roses, and these really are stunning! Lucky girl! x

  4. wow they are amazing :O! what a generous boyfriend you have nice to know he picked something a little different :p xxx


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