Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Superdrug Colour Effects shampoo

Hello sweets,
Just a little (ahem) hair post today. I first heard about/saw the Superdrug colour effects shampoo on Louise's blog [sidenote: you need to follow this girlie]. So, the next time I was in Superdrug I thought I should pick one up and give it a try, and I picked up the shade 'Mahogany'. My hair has always had warm red tones in it, so I thought I'd embrace that and try and bring them out a little bit.

This was my hair before I went through the whole sha-bang. As you can see... quite a dull 'fading out from too many home hair dyes' brown.

So this was the next step... Superdrug say you can leave it in for 5-20 minutes, depending on the intesnity of colour and long-liveity you want. I put it on in the shower (after washing with my normal shampoo) and then clipped it up and jumped out for 20 minutes. Draping my wonderful 'rag' towel I use for a various array of things such as dying hair and washing make up brushes! :)

So this is the result! Overall, I'm really happy with it, it's quite a subtle change and I didn't really notice much of a difference until I looked at these photo's and when people pointed it out. I'm feeling the redness but I already fancy going a deep plum colour :)

Superdrug market this as a conditioning colour, and my hair does feel really soft, and looks shiny too... such big thumbs up for 99p!! Time will tell how long this lasts, and I'll let you guys know. But this is a really great change from proper hair dye, and isn't as harmful. Have a look at the colour range the next time you're in Superdrug, defs worth a go and I still have about 2 applications I'd say!

If you have any more questions... ask away in the comments!


  1. Wow, your hair looks ridicuously shiny after! Love the subtle redness, I'm definately getting one of these now! x

  2. I'm using this when I wash my hair to keep the red in my hair quite vibrant. I'm also using a whole hose of other conditioners and other products...Things we'll do for our hair.

  3. It's turned out great!
    & thank you for the wee mention :)

  4. @GoldenGlow - I hope the shine stays! Haha. You definitely should... even if it doesn't really work for you its only 99 pennies! :)

    @Laura Jaye - Aah that's a great idea to keep the red because red fades SO quickly!! Haha, true. The things we do for beauty full stop! XD

    @Louise - Thanks Lou! It's no prob


  5. is this stuff now now being taken off the market? Its the only thing Im not allergic to that has decent tones!


  6. Just saw your comments on superdrug colour effects shampoo - found they are discontinuing all colours - please contact Superdrug and ask them not to....they are too fab to discontinue!! thanks


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