Sunday, 28 February 2010

Few purchases :)

Good afternoon everyone :)
The past couple of weeks I haven't been really buying much... because of lack of money and all that boring, horrible stuff! But I have got a few bits and I thought I would share with you guys. So here we go...

First up us the Schwarzkopf Gliss shampoo and conditioner. I actually found this in the pound shop! Hm shame that's where my excitement stopped, if you want to read my review on this product click here.

This is some kind of shine serum from Pantene which I also found in the pound shop. I haven't used this enough times to tell you what I think of it... if anyone's inteested I'll try and use it a lot of put up a review :)

Okay so this next thing I was super excited about. It's the cutest keyring! It's a little doughnut with sequin beady type sprinkles! It's hand made out of felt and stuffing. This was actually made my lolasayswhat on youtube - if you're not subscribing to her then you should be. Her videos come in a whole variety of topics and I love watching her videos! She put some of the things she made on etsy: lolas etsy store. She still has a few pieces left and they're so cute! They are limited as there is only one of each so defs order them now if you want to get some keyring candy :D

I popped into La Senza and I really liked these PJs! The pink flamingo ones were £22 and then the ostrich (I think thats what it is?) ones were £20. They also have the same that come with shorts.

I was trying to think up an original way to store my brushes, but I just couldn't - so I settled for the vase/beads combo that we see all over the beauty community. I bought this one from the GlitzyGlam online store. For any of you that are subscribed to Blair and Elle on youtube you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. If not - go and check those two out and then check out the store... they do really sweet gifts! I'm sorry about my brushes being so dirty!!

And the last thing that was the most exciting thing for me was DUM DUM DUMMM...
The Alice in Wonderland BOS!!! So happy to finally have my hands on this. I'll probably do another post on this during the week with swatches and the likes :)

Enjoy the last little bit of the weekend! Do any of you have original/unusal ways of storing your brushes? Put a link below I'd love to see :)

Friday, 26 February 2010

Face of the day, shopping!

Hello girlies :)
I'm doing a bit of shopping today... not for me though *sad face*, one of my friends has recently moved into their own flat, so I'm off to buy some moving in gifts! :) Thought I'd do a quick post showing the make up of the day... and also my most favourrrrrite of the NYX round lipsticks I got! It's absolute love.

What I used...
Revlon colorstay
Rimmel renew and lift powder
Boujours blush in Rose De Jaspe
Boujours blish in Lune D'or (as a highlight

Benefit creaseless cream in Bunny Hop
UD e/s in Sphynx
UD e/s in YDK
GOSH Liquid liner
Me me me Fat Cat Lashes mascara
Barry M white Khol Pencil
UD 24/7 liner pencil in Zero
Elf brow kit

NYX round lipstick in Strawberry Milk


Thursday, 25 February 2010

REVIEW: Schwarzkopf Gliss

Hiya guys!
So this is going to be a review on something that I picked up a couple of weeks ago the Schwarzkopf Gliss shampoo and conditioner.

The reason why I picked this up in first place is that I kind of got stuck in a rut of using Pantene. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Pantene and I probably will always go back to it... But I'd been told by a few people that it isn't the most beneficial shampoo & cond to use for healthy hair, which is what I'm currently trying to achieve in order to grow my it.

I thought it was about time to start trying other brands and try and break my bond with Pantene :( The first brand I tried was Tresseme, I've never been a fan of their shampoo or conditioners but I thought I should give them the benefit of the doubt and try them again - nope still didn't like them. When I went into the pound shop (yes I know!!) to pass some time, I saw the Schwarzkopf Gliss. I'd never used any Schwarzkopf products before other than their hair dyes - which I don't have a bad thing to say about. Considering they were so cheap there was never a second thought!

Schwarzkopf say: 'New with cell repair, repairs inside the hair cell, up to 130% more shine' 'The Gliss formula with elements of liquid silk and a gloss enhancer gives suppleness and breathtaking shine. Smoothes the hair's surface - for intense shine, hair as smooth as silk, for daily use.'

What I think: Now they are some pretty high claims to live up to! And for me, it did not fulfil any of them. I've been using this for almost 2 weeks, and I'm once again... back to Pantene!

The first thing that I hate about this shampoo is the smell. For me, smell is really important and this just smells eurgh. It actually smells like some kind of kitchen cleaner! Not nice at all. But I thought hey, it might make my hair super healthy and shiny. I was wrong. It applied to my hair well and I had high hopes... However when I got out of the bath and carried on with my normal hair routine. When my hair had been dried and straightened I found none of the shine that they claimed. Pantene makes my hair far shinier than this did. I also found it made my hair feel quite greasy... I was confused, I was 100% I had washed the conditioner out completley. The next time I used it I spent extra time washing out the conditioner - the same thing happened. So this got me thinking... maybe it was the product I was using afterwards? So the next time I didn't use any products in my hair... but yet the same thing happened! I don't know if this is just me, but it felt like it had like a oily residue on my hair. Maybe this is what they meant by 'shine'??? Who knows. All I know is I will not be using this again, lol. I might've been quite harsh on this product. But I really, really dislike it! Looks like my search for a new s&c continues!

Next stop: John Freida.

Have any of you tried Schwarzkopf shampoo's? Did they work for you?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Face and eye of the day

Hi chicks!
Just a quick face of the day - nothing major, pretty simple. I've been neglecting purples lately so here we are...
This is a terrible picture, lol.

What I used...
Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation
Rimmel clear complexion powder
Barry M Bronzer

UD ac/dc, ecstasy and mushroom e/s
UD sellout e/s as highlight
Elf eyebrow kit
Rimmel exagerate liquid eyeliner
Rimmel khol pencil

NYX orange soda lipstick


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New celeb style crush

Morning girls!
So yup, I have a new celeb crush! Lea Michele. For those of you who watch Glee you will instantly know who she is, if you don't... then you'll probably still recognise her for the amazing frocks she's been donning at the grammys and golden globes. I'm not a huge fan of Glee - controversial, I know. But I think Lea is stunningly beautiful and has definitely got some serious style! I've loved every single thing I've seen her wearing. Here are some pictures of outfits I particularly loved.

How beautiful is that canary yellow against her skin tone?!?!

I think these two dresses are unbelievably beautiful. That emerald green is so gorgeous!

I envy how beautiful she is...

Are you loving Glee, or not see what the big fuss is about? Have you got any new style crushes?

Sunday, 21 February 2010

NYX Cosmetics

Hello chicks!
So yup, that's right I'm back! After hours of talking to somebody on the end of a telephone, the internet is finally up and running again, which of course... I'm super happy about.

I've been itching to try out the NYX round lipsticks... so I decided to take the plunge and put in an order at Cherry Culture. On this website the lipsticks are actually reduced in price, which got a big thumbs up from me! I think the delivery was about £6? I'm not sure so don't quote me on that, lol. So here are the ones I picked out... (click on the pictures to see the names)

I think the packaging is actually really pretty, and I love how you can see the colour of the lipstick at the bottom instead of some stupid swatches you find on the bottom of the likes of Maybelline.

Left: without flash                 Right: with flash

I was amazed at how pigmented these lipsticks are! They really are compareable to MAC in my eyes. They're such good value you for money. These lipsticks are so creamy, and glide straight on. I usually only wear neutrals on my lips so I thought I'd venture out a little (hence Gem and Margarita). I reccomend the NYX round lipsticks to anyone, they have a huuuuuge range of colours and for $1.74 they are just, wow!

You'll see these appearing in future face of the days for those who want to see how they look on the lips :)

Have you tried NYX? Are there any other NYX products you reccomend?

Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm sorry guys!

Just a quick one I'm afraid - atm our internet router is completley stuffed (we think it's at their end, but the people on the phone are utterly useless!!) so I'm on Dean's PC at the minute. I don't know how long it's going to be til it starts working again, so there'll be a lack of posts for a while. Just letting you know that I haven't left or anything crazy like that :D

Hope you're all well!

Monday, 15 February 2010

HOT Hair

Bonjour dolls!
I've become increasingly bored of my hair... constantly trying out new looks, new techniques so on, and I thought I'd do a quick little post about my favourite celebrities hair! I was going to do 5, but I couldn't narrow the last one down, so I've ended up with 4. Here they are :)

 #1 - Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is pretty much a legend when it comes down to her hair. Especially in my eyes. Her hair always looks effortlessly perfect, which I am so jelous of. The honey blonde shades in her hair compliment her sun kissed skin perfectly and she has the beach wave look down to a T as seen in photo 1. It's quite rare to see Jen with her hair up, but she looks just as lovely as you can see from picture 2. My favourite look has to be the last photo, I love this kind of a bo-ho look and I think it suits her so well!

#2 - Eva Mendes
I think Eva is one of the most beautiful women, ever. She can work a messy updo (picture one) or a slick, polished updo (picture 2) with great ease... and they both look amazing! She varies her hair colour and length quite frequently and I'm more than envious that it seems she can never get it wrong!

#3 - Jessica Simpson
I've been a huuuuge fan of Jessica ever since the Newlyweds days, in particular her beautiful blonde locks! I especially love her retro updo in the third photo and also the last picture which I took inspiration from the last time I had the chop (I had long hair before and it's taking ages to grow back out!). Its looks like she can sport any style, and look fab!

#4 - Lauren Conrad
Straight hair looks good on pretty much everyone. But what Lauren can do is look good with both long and short poker straight hair, which not everyone can do. In the bottom row of pictures you can see the hairstyles she's normally seen wearing. Gorgeous bo-ho style. I think Lauren really started the trend for loose beach waves and braiding. And you can see why so many people jumped on the band wagon - it's stunning!

So these are my top 'hair crushes'... who are yours?

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy V-day!

Hello girlies!
First off, happy valentine's to everyone, even the singles out there! As it's Valentine's day I thought I'd do a V-day themed post. So I'm gonna let you into a little... well, big part of my life and talk about how I met my other half :) This could be a picture heavy post lol, so I'm sorry :)

So here is me and my loverboy :) Dean. We've been together since the 15th November 2008 - about a year and 3 months.

I actually met Dean through an ex-boyfriend (who was also called Dean, lol!). So I was going out with his best friend at the time when we were introduced. I instantly felt attracted to him... which is wrong I know :( So I broke up with my boyfriend because I'm no cheat and because the relationship wasn't working at stuff blah blah.

I kept in touch with my ex-boyfriend but never got to know Dean. 2 years later I had a friend request on Facebook - guess who? Dean!! Aaah, so instantly my heart started racing (cheesey I know) and us two got talking. We spent the next couple of weeks texting and calling each other non stop! He told me that that first time we met he also liked me, but obviously I was with his best friend so he didn't take it any further. We decided to meet up (we went to see Casino Royale at the cinema) and he whispered in my ear in the middle of the film 'will you be my girlfriend' and that's how it happened!!

We've had our fair share of ups and downs but right now everything is perfect. You know when they're The One and he certainly is! :) Now a dive into some of our pictures. Lol, I always make him pose for pictures and he hates it, ah well!
Taken on the beach at summer, which I plan on spending plenty more time on this summer!

This is a stupid hat he bought to 'keep him warm when he goes fishing'. Has he used it? Not once!

In the snow we got last Feburary.

A few snaps from our holiday in Greece, he'd kill me for putting those two last ones on! Ha!

Immature? Just a tad. Lol.

Aw! (L)

Right so I'll stop boring you all now. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's day. I love you all :D

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mini haul

I've been trying to cut back on spending a bit, which has kind of made me less inspired to blog. But I do have some product raves and a make-up look coming up :) So yesterday my boyfriend had the day off work, so we went shopping together. I only got a couple of bits so I thought I'd share it with you guys :)

First up, Primark...
I got these two swing style tops, for £4 each. They also have a blue, green and yellow one. I couldn't decide whether or not to get the yellow one - I'll probably go back and pick it up. I love wearing yellows in the summer!
You can see it more clearly on the white one, but they both have a small loose pocket on the bust. I think these are such a good way to throw together a casual look.

I got another one of these cami's for £1.50 in a gorgeous electric blue. The top picture didn't represent the colour so I put in the bottom one :) These cami's fit so nicely and are also pretty long which I love.

Yup, it's those flip flops that everyone wears in summer! Apart from this year Primark have added a twist with the plaited braid. I thought this was really cute :) These were £2. I'm going to have to go back and get some of their glad sandals which are only £4!!

I couldn't leave town without popping into LUSH to get some of the Valentine's goodies...
I couldn't bear to miss out on the valentine's collection at LUSH. I think this is their best collection for a while!! Everything smells great and looks really sweet! I got 'the ex factor' which smells a lot like Butterball for £1.95 and I just had to get 'magic mushroom' which was £2.25. The red part smells like strawberry and the white part like vanilla. I think I'll be getting some more of the magic mushrooms because they are one of my favourite smelling things... like, ever?!

The lady also gave me a sample of Herbalism. I might do a review on this, what you guys think?

Any of you been doing some mid-week shopping? Already preparing for summer, lol?

Monday, 8 February 2010

A few new additions to the nail polish collection!

Morning dolls!
I was feeling a bit poorly so the best way I could think of to cheer myself up was a trip to Superdrug! Lol, of course. Nothing really caught my eye, so I picked up a few new nail polishes to help my collection grow.

So first up is Barry M. I love the Barry M nail paints. The quality is so good for the price! The brush is perfect for me and the consistency is one of the best I've used. Plus they have a huge range of colours.
I'm hoping the sun will come out soon because I can't wait to try these out. I chose the infamous Pink Flaming and Coral. I think they're both beautiful! I do have a coral colour from Rimmel that's really similar. But I find that Rimmel polishes go stringy really quickly, which sucks.

Next up is GOSH. These nail polishes are £5 which I think is a bit steep for a drugstore polish. But they're completely worth it because there are such pretty colours that are really unique.
I've been wanting Golden Bronze for a while, just because it's such a rich colour and isn't like anything I already own. Rainbow looked so beautiful in the bottle... but I'm yet to try it out. I'm quite sceptical because the glitter chunks are quite large.

What is your favourite drugstore brand for nails?

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Inspired: Rock Chick

Hello girlies.
So the first 'inspired' look I did was peacock. This night I went for rock chick. As the title says... this is just inspired, it isn't as dramatic as proper rock chick make up stylie :) (mainly because I can't pull it off!) One of my friends has just moved into her own flat with her boyfriend so she ahd a little celebratory gathering on saturday night. I felt like something a bit different - although I wear eyeliner of some sort everyday... I only really wear it in small ammounts. Plus I think that that black rimmed eyes are really attractive... there's just something about them. Just me? Lol! So yeah... here goes.

This look is superrrrr simple for anyone to achieve and it really does suit most. If you have small eyes I wouldn't really recommend this though as black closes up the eye. If you are going to do this and you have small eyes, I'd suggest lining your waterline with a white or nude liner and then continue with the black underneath.

I kept the face make up really simple and half way dewy to let the eyes do the talking. I used:
- GOSH velvet touch primer
- Revlon colorstay
- Rimmel stay matte powder
- Boujours blush in 'rose de jaspe'
- Tea tree moisturiser on the top of my cheekbones (dewy effect)
- Boujours blush in 'lune d'or' (on top of moisturiser to highlight)

Ovbiously the eyes are the main feature of this make up look. I used:
- Rimmel exagerate liquid liner (top lash line, slightly winged)
- Sleek palette, the black (sweeped over the liquid liner line and a bit above for smudged effect)
- UD 24/7 liner in 'zero' (waterline and bottom lashline, then smudged it down a tiny bit)
- Maybelline collosal mascara in ultra black

The lips are really nude and understated. I used:
- Rimmel blemish stick concealer (dabbed on and blended)
- Neutrogena lip blam (to make the concealer less dry on my lips)