Monday, 31 October 2011

Small shop...

I've been on a mission to try and get sorted for Winter. Because usually, winter rolls around and I don't have anything sensible to wear! So the last week I've picked up a couple of bits, so I'm a step closer to being prepared for the cold weather (which is already here!).

Chunky knit cardigan, £14 Cream cable knit jumper, £12 /Both Primark
I've seen this cardigan on a few blogs for a while now and I finally got the chance to get it - they also have it in a really nice rusty red colour but they didn't have my size :( Bit pricey for Primark, but it just seems to be at the moment? The cable knit jumper is pretty self explanatory... a staple really.

Oversized striped crop top, £8.00 /Primark   Burgandy crochet front top, £28 /Next
Okay so the crop top isn't very winter appropriate but I really loved it... the stripes go in a different direction on the sleeves and sides, and I bought it in a few sizes bigger because it was just more flattering. I bought the burgundy lace/crochet/granny/doily front top mainly for work as part of my uniform. But I've already got loads more wear out of it. The sleeves and back are sheer chiffon, love!

Did the obligatory run to Boots this week, but I controlled myself (sort of) and only bought two items. I got the Lady Million perfume, which I love btw. I just bought the 30ml bottle for £33.70, I was going to get Stella but I thought I'd wait for Christmas to see if anyone picks up my hints or I'll just buy it with some Christmas money :) I also picked up the Maybelline gel liner, will do a review on this probably eventually. The gel liner was £7.99.

So there are my latest goodies!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

My week in photographs

1: Mega breakfast of homemade American style pancakes, was delish.
2: Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows is my cold weather saviour.
3: My current fantasy MAC basket, so tempting to click 'continute to checkout'!
4: H&M order came in 4 days - I take back all the moaning I did about their delivery. I ordered the jumper I spoke about here in my month's most wanted - didn't like it though :(
5: Always thought vitamins were a bit of a... well, con. But I'm always the first to catch a cold so thought I'd see if vitamins make any difference.
6: Got back into reading again, currently reading 'One Day' which I know I'm completely late on. But how cute is this book mark?? From Amazon fyi.
7: MAC Shy Girl is dying :( Love Cremesheen formulas... but this is their downfall!

Hope every has had a good week as always, and I hope every has been enjoying and continues to enjoy Halloween. What are all of your plans? Gotta say, I'm not a Halloween fan :/

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Month's Most Wanted

Hello lovelies,
I've been a bit MIA recently... lack of inspiration and the fact I've lost the USB cable for my camera have both played a part. If I don't find the cable today though I'll order another one, got a few posts I want to get up! But for now, it's my month's most wanted, I must say it every month but OMG time is flying. I mean - it's almost Christmas!! 

H&M Striped Dress: I've seen this dress on a few people and the stripes make it super flattering, I'm already a massive fan of stripes, so I was sort of drawn to it instantly. This can take me through all the seasons as well - big chunky knit/blazer on top with some tights and boots instantly make it winter appropriate.

MAC Matte: Heard really good things about this, and I'm looking around for a new primer and this seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. It's a mattifying gel applied before make up, and after moisturiser. It's a toss up between this and the Laura Mercier primer!

Topshop 'Pillow Talk' Lipstick: Of course, I'm sure you've all seen this floating around on the blogsphere. It's a limited edition lipstick (so of course I have to have it) and it's a really pretty pink colour, looks very similar to MAC's Creme Cup which is one of my all time faves.

Stella McCartney Perfume: I've always overlooked this perfume, and to be honest, I'd never really smelt it. I always imagined it to be really... mature but I gave it a sniff in Boots a few days ago and I've fallen in love with it. It's a unique scent and I've never owned something like it. Now I need it in my life. The bottle is to die for too.
[£35.00 for 30ml]

Topshop Chelsea Boots: I'm loving Chelsea boots at the moment, they're quite 'heritage' and very on trend. They literally go with anything as well - skinny jeans, skirts/shorts/dresses with tights, leggings etc. So versatile!

H&M Cable Knit Jumper: I'm trying to stock up on lots of winter suitable clothes - loads of cosy, chunky knits. And this is just the epitome of chunky knit, right? Emily was wearing it in this post here, and it solidified my need to have it in my wardrobe. I love her style of wearing it over a pretty floral dress! LOVE her blog btw, you all need to follow.

So there we are! That's October done and dusted :( Winter is well and truly on it's way... plenty of orange leaves embellishing the pavements right now.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Blogs I'm Adoring

Hello loves,
I go through phases of really loving certain blogs, and I thought it would be good to share them with you :) I'll probably do a couple of these... I don't know how often, I suppose when I start to realise I've been loving different blogs? I think this is a great way to get some of your favourites blogs out there to others who don't know about them - and vice versa, if you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments!

I've been following this blog for ages and every time there's, I get excited to read! I particularly love her outfit posts because her style is just so pretty, she actually inspired me to order this H&M cable knit jumper (pictured above). But her 'Sunday Slob' posts are my all time favourite and never disappoint.

Julie's blog is another one of my 'first reads'. She is really talented and she's never posted a look that I haven't liked... I wish I looked as good in them as she does! She also does really useful posts such as 'MAC Palette: Worth the Hype?' which I loved. She also has a Youtube channel which I love watching, she just seems so... genuine!

Charlene /Dainty Dresses

Charlene does the most amazing week in photos posts - a post I look forward to every Sunday and enjoy every single week :) She's also a bit of a LUSH fanatic, so if you're looking for a LUSH product review you're bound to find it on her blog ;)

Michelle /daisybutter

Another blogger that does fab week in photos posts. I'm always quite envious at how well photographed they are, the layout is always gorgeous, always seems to be up to something interesting and food that looks delicious! Her style is so cute as well, so look out for her OOTDs. Another thing I love about Michelle is, to me, she is a massive part of the blogging community - she comments a lot on other people's blogs and that's not something you see a lot from 'big bloggers', so it's really nice.

So there we are! That's four blogs that I'm loving at the moment. I really recommend going on over to all of their blogs and following, if you're not already :) And don't forget to tell me your faves at the moment in the comments.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Blog Overhaul

Good afternoon ladies :)
I was getting a bit bored with my blog layout etc. and I always find when I start getting bored of the way it looks... I have no inspiration or motivation to post anywhere near as regularly as I usually do or would like to. So today I thought I give my blog a big re-vamp.

You may have noticed that I've also changed my blog title... from 'Beauty Has No Label' to 'Natalieslove'. Don't worry, the URL hasn't changed or anything like that. When I first made my blog I had no idea I would still be doing it 2 years later. And to be honest, 'Beauty Has No Label' just got a bit... cringey to me. I also feel like when I started this blog it was solely a beauty blog, but as times gone on it's changed and evolved into a mishmash of everything. I've always ended my posts with 'natalieslovex' and my URL has always been the same, so I thought this made more sense :)

I didn't want to delete this blog and start from scratch because I cherish this little blog :) Hope you don't mind, and let me know what you think of the new layout!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Vivo eyeshadow trio

So I'm pretty sure you will all know about the new make up brand 'Vivo' by now, it's being doing it's rounds on Blogger and it totally deserves recognition! If you didn't know, it's a new affordable make up brand that's hit the shelves in Tesco! I could've picked up everything, because it all looks pretty amazing. But for right now I just picked up an eyeshadow trio in 'Innocence'.

On first impressions I really liked the packaging and I thought it was a great little neutral trio that would be ideal for travel, but in the back of my mind I was thinking 'oh but I bet the pigmentation is pants, or it's really chalky' so of course, like a pro blogger ;) I swatched a few in store and they were really pigmented! I snapped up 2 of them - my Mum isn't into make up at all, but she's asked for a few little bits for Christmas so I thought this would be great for her, as well as myself ;)

Here are the swatches, and you can see that they're well pigmented, and they're actually very creamy. All three shades are shimmery but not glittery which I like. Great little trio of eyeshadows on days you don't know what to wear or you don't want to be rummaging through solo eyeshadows or numerous palettes. The compliment each other perfectly and would suit any skin tones.

I just did a really, really quick and simple look this morning with it before I went off to work, so that I could let you guys know about how well they blend, wear etc...

I used the second shade all over the lid and along the lower lashline, the third shade in the crease and outer v and the first shade on the inner third/tear duct. Super quick and super easy.

On my eyelids, the eyeshadows lasted really well. They were still there at the end of the day (9.00pm) without any creasing and minimal fading - without a primer. Overall, really impressed with this range and I have my eye on some of the baked blushes!

You can find this eyeshadow trio in Tesco stores for a tiiiiny £2.50. Have you had a chance to try Vivo yet? What did you think?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I bought too much stuff...

Hello lovelies,
Yep, today is a haul day. And I'm fully aware that I bought far too much and I do feel pretty guilty about it now. However, most of the clothes are essentials/basics that I really needed. There's a bit of beauty in there as well, of course. I still have my eye on loads of stuff that I want but I'm staying strong, and Christmas is right around the corner right? ;) *Be warned, this is a pretty boring haul*

Purple Cardigan, £6.00 /Primark
This is actually a really vibrant purple which isn't translating on camera well at all. In need of some new cardigans in preparation for layering in Winter. Vibrant purple was obviously a sensible colour choice? FACEPALM. 

Deep Red Cardigan, £9.99 /H&M
Again, another cardigan. I've had my eye on this coloured cardigan for a while and thought I'd finally pick it up. BTW if you're trying to save money they do this kind of colour (slightly more berry toned) in the same cardigan as the one pictured first from Primark. But I think this H&M one will probably wash/wear a little better. I hope, anyway.

Mesh Insert Bodycon Dress, £12.99 /H&M
Every girl needs a staple LBD and for me, this is it. I've already worn it on a night out and I loved it! It's very figure hugging and shortish but isn't too risque because the mesh insert at the top stop there from being too cleavage-y. And it was so cheap! *The mesh was making the camera go crazy, so sorry about the rubbish photo.

Grey Flecked Jumper, £18.00 /Next
Pretty much just a basic for when it gets colder... but I adore this flecked detail. In love. They have it in a bunch of different colours and I definitely have my eye on the dusty pink one!

Sequin Stripe Jumper, £35 /Next
Words cannot describe how much I love this jumper! I've been umming and aahing over it for a while. Normally, I never shop in Next but now that I work there I just seem to be mentally shopping all of the time. I'd be really sad if the sequins fall off easily so hopefully they stick around for a while. Going to get a lot of wear out of this I think :)

Crackle Mirror Vase, £12.00 /Next
Bit of a random buy here, but I'm so attracted to this crackled mirror effect! I'm trying to get my room looking a little bit prettier so I'm going to put some white artificial flowers in this - ideally tulips and peonies. I love how you can see my saved pennies haha. Can I just say... I do work for Next so I did get discount on all of the Next items featured :)

Now onto cosmetics...

Earlier in the week Boots were having a 3 for 2 offer on pretty much everything in store, so I took advantage of that :) Picked up some essentials that I was running out of and some other bits that I've been lusting over (VO5 miracle concentrate). Of course, I then got some No 7 vouchers and went back to spend them - they know how to reel me in! I picked up the Men's face wash because I saw someone here on blogger mention how well it worked for her *If that was you please let me know!

So yup, finally done! Now it's time to go back on a spending ban me thinks.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

My week in photographs

1: 'Hungry Caterpillar' stand in a garden centre, anybody remember this book??
2: Last part of Summer hanging around [flowers in a memorial garden] 
3: PEZ?!?! Amazing. Santa Pez? My world exploded. Love.
4: Christmas decorations are everywhere now... it's becoming real that it's really soon! Made a start on my Christmas presents so feeling quite organised :)

5, 6: Had major chocolate cravings this week! Usually more of a savoury person... but when a girl needs chocolate, they need chocolate. Popped to Tesco before work and indulged myself ;) In the car. Classy. Did anyone else used to eat Animal Bars when they were little?

7: So I had an appointment at the hospital at the start of the week - I had a few moles that I was concerned about. The others were no problem but the Doctor said she'd like to take the one on my foot off and sent away for biopsy. I'm sure it's nothing though! So I currently have 2 stitches and dressing on my ankle/foot. Sorry for the gory photo, I like to make things dramatic ;) Go and get your skin checked guys, if you think anything might've changed!

How has everybody's week been?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Project 10 Pan: Complete!

Good morning lovelies,
So I finally hit pan on a tenth product, which means my project 10 pan is now over and I'm free to buy more make up! Although I'll try to only stock up on things I actually need! So the last product that I hit pan on is Elf's Eyebrow Kit - which is actually my third one so I thought it definitely deserved a mention/review.

This is my favourite brow product I've ever used. What makes it even better is that is only £3.50 from the Elf website! This one is in the shade Dark, I'd usually go for Medium but they didn't have any in stock and I couldn't be without it! You get two pans of product that can be used in conjunction or separately. As you can see from mine, I only really use the wax side.


My natural brows are very dark, almost black. The main problem I have with them is that the start of them aren't even, the ends are quite sparse but I'm quite lucky in that I really just need a product to groom them and make them look a bit neater. Here is a horrible photo of my brows in their natural state, with no product.

And here are my brows once I've put the wax in them (no powder)...

I like my brows to still look quite natural which is why I only use the wax - I find the powder can make them look a little bit fake and 'drawn on'. But if I'm going on a night out or something, or want them to look a little bit more defined I'll pat the powder over the top very lightly.

This is a really great little brow product without spending a fortune and I don't think I will ever be without it! It does exactly what I need it to do and I even use the little brush that comes with it - so very travel friendly.

Have you tried the Elf brow kit? What is your favourite brow product?

Sunday, 2 October 2011

My week in photographs

The week got off to a nice start, in the UK at the moment (well, most of it) we're experiencing an 'Indian Summer' which is pretty nice! In Brighton I think we got highs of 24C but other places got 29C! Was obviously very excited to see this temp come up on my dashboard <3

Took a little trip to Pizza Express - again. This is starting to become a habit I think?? Because it was so nice we actually sat outside. Eating outside in late September/October, how crazy is that? Oh and does anyone else's other half spend the whole meal on their phone? (And I know he reads this so, hi Dean!). I always order either the llegera contadina pizza aka a pizza with a whole in the middle filled with salad or the ceaser salad, they're both amazing.

Dean got another tattoo this week, when he first told me his plans to get a Polynesian tribal sleeve I was a bit sceptical - didn't think I'd like it at all. But after seeing the result after his first session I really like it :) I know tattoos aren't everyone's thing so... yeah.

So now some sad news... my Chinese dwarf hamster died :( It's all a bit distressing really. If the hamster had just died of old age/natural causes it wouldn't be quite so upsetting, because that's life right? But the cat actually managed to get hold of the hamster and it didn't turn out well and it was horrific to find. What's more is I can't really be mad at the cat because it's in her wiring isn't it? Poor little guy :(

So I hope you've all had a lovely week, and enjoyed the sunshine if you got it!