Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Still alive!

So... long time no see right? I feel so out of the blogging loop, it's been a good few weeks since I last posted! I've been doing so much overtime at work recently because if you follow me on twitter (@ntlieread) you know that I've recently written off my car *applause* so I'm in need of some new wheels! I thought I'd just post some photo's of what I've been up to since I've been away, I warn you now, this will be photo heavy.

The damage to my poor car ~ Vodka jellies to start off the night ~ Starbucks spelling fail, Nataily? ~ Surprise tickets to X Factor tour from the bf ~ Dean likes Coco-cola? ~ Most delicious burger from Frankie & Benny's ~ Ice cold Magners in the sun ~ Tiny can of Pepsi Max ~ Best sweets ever ~ Standard Sunday afternoon ~ Creme Egg McFlurry ~ Tuna salad, nom ~ Tiramisu

So apparently, apart from crashing my car... I've been eating? Ha! I was driving a long the bypass and my tyre blew - spinning off the road at 70mph was the scariest thing that ever happened to me, but I'm extremely lucky that no one else was involved and I had escaped with nothing but a graze on my shoulder. As well as having a hero of a boyfriend who came to console me. I hope everyone has been okay and hopefully my blogging mojo will be back!

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  1. Great pictures, all those sweets look so good. Loving the nail varnish you're wearing too! Sorry to hear about your car! x
    Dreams and Dresses

  2. Loving the pictures, so sorry to hear about your car. That must had been a very scary moment, poor car. x

  3. Oh my gosh, that must have been scary! At least you're okay!
    All your food photos have made me feel so hungry! Haha

    Frances x

  4. aww i'm so sorry to hear about your car, i had one last summer that the head gasket went on, cried for days thinking it'd be scrapped. don't get an old ka! good that you are safe though xx

  5. Oh no, your poor car. So glad you are ok, no wonder it was terrifying.
    I don't even really like F&B but that burger looks AMAZING!!xxx

  6. i just switched my 4x4 for a smaller car similar to yours, they're super cute but they don't seem to come out so good after a bump :(
    hope you manage to find a replacement soon!

    that burger, and the rainbow sweets have made me so hungry! I can barely wait til lunch!

    xo crystal


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