Friday, 9 December 2011

Is that you, Allegra?

Probably the most sought after boot this season - the Topshop Allegra's. They're everywhere, and rightly so because they're b-e-a-utiful. However, I don't think they are still available (haven't been able to find them on their website, or in store) and they also come with quite a hefty £75 price tag. Lets take a look at said boots...
And now lets look at the boots that the wonderful postman bought me this morning...

Do they or do they not look identical? To the point where it probably shouldn't be allowed, lol. Although they're not real leather of course, they're a pretty damn good 'dupe'. So, did I shell out some extortionate amount on Ebay? Nope! Believe it or not these actually cost me £30 + £2.99 delivery.

They're from the Desire Clothing Ebay page, they do also have a regular website, but I can't seem to see these boots on there! And here is the direct link to the boots. Totally recommend the seller, came within 3 working days, exactly as photographed. Definitely a steal! A saving of £42!

Hope you liked this post, especially if you were lusting over the Allegras!


  1. I saw these when I was searching for boots before. I do like them But I've settled for my £20 new look ones that I love! :-) They are good copies though! x

  2. They are amazing. I really want some but I don't know whether I'd get the wear they deserve to have out of them! xx

  3. These are gorgeous, such a good dupe at a more attractive price haha!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  4. I bought these too! Great aren't they (:

  5. I love my faux allergras! Goes to show you don't need to pay full price for prettiness ;) xxx

  6. I love these Allegras! Thank you for posting about a dupe :}

  7. Great post. Ive been thinking of ordered these but I have an awkward half-size foot. Do you suggest I go up a size or down?

  8. Everyone says they're such a fantastic dupe, but is it just me that cant help but be put off by how the shabby material looks in the dupes? All wrinkled almost


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