Thursday, 30 September 2010

Woodies Longboard Diner

Hello sweets,
so a few nights ago me, my grandma, my eldest niece and my daddykins went for a loverly meal at a place called Woodies Longboard Diner.

it's basically a 50's american diner style restaurant, that is one of my up most favourites! they sell soda every colour of the rainbow and instead of giving you mints with your bill, they supply you with black jacks and fruit salads. feeling my love for it?? 

i thought i'd just share with you some photo's i took, as it is my favourite place to eat. if you're ever in the Brighton and hove area, pop by and have a bite :)

'thunderbolt' chicken burger
chicken fillet with lettuce, onions, mayonnaise and spicy tomato salsa

'peppermint grove' sundae
mint choc chip ice cream with mint crisps.

'blue bubblegum' soda
as sugary sweet as it sounds, so, so yummy!

if you want to visit the website, here it is: Woodies. take a look at the pictures, i love the place!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Review: H&M lipglosses

Hey dolls,
A few days ago i popped into h&m for a browse on my way to boots. my intentions were to go to boots and pick up the Barry M glossy tube (?) in shade 4. however... h&m distracted me and i ended up not going to boots at all! I did substitute the barry m glossy tube with these...

If you double click on the pictures then you get a truer image of colour as well as glitter. These were screaming out at me in the beauty section, actually, more like their big red sticker with £1 on was screaming at me! I believe the original prices are £1.99 but they could be £2.99 so don't quote me, lol.

They come with a brush tip applicator rather than a doe foot or just squeezy tube. Personally, i don't mind that. They also have the sweetest names! I have a very pale, baby pink colour called 'english rose', a true bubblegum pink called 'pink whisper' and a caramel/nude colour named 'bella bellina'.

Bella bellina is definitely the most sparkly out of them all, pink whisper following lastly, english rose which barely has any glitter - although there is a small ammount. You can't feel the glitter on the lips and isn't gritty, which when i saw it - i assumed it would.

Consistency? Suprisingly good! They're not the most pigmented lipglosses out there, you could wear them alone for very sheer colour but i like layering them over the top of lipsticks. The forumla isn't too stick so you don't get hair constantly clinging to your lips, and it's not so runny is slips down on to your chin (ever happened... not good!). The staying power is a good 2/3 hours i'd say which for £1, you can't complain! It gives a really pretty gloss to your lips :)

All in all, a good buy. I think i'm going to have to try their other lip glosses as i know they have some doe foot applicator ones! Have you tried them?

Monday, 27 September 2010

1hundred things: THREE

Yup... number three on my one hundred things :)

Until next monday guys!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Day 20 - A hobby of yours

Hey guys,
okay so again, i don't really have a hobby besides make up and shopping! i suppose reading? i do like to read but i don't really have much time (or money) to get through a whole pile of books. other hobbies would be just chilling with friends or the boy, i'm a bit of a 'home' girl and i'm always happiest with a friend lounging around inside doing various things - come dine with me marathons being my favourite ;)

blogging of course is my biggest hobby! i love to do it and love the feedback i get from you guys. i don't think i could ever cut it on youtube... i think the blogging community is a lot friendlier and i'm happy to say (touch wood) that i haven't experienced any negative comments. so thanks everyone for being so lovely! :D

excuse the boobage - but i love this picture -

love you all lots

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Day 19 - A talent of yours

Hello ladies (and gents),
okay... so, a talent of mine? well, when god was handing out beautiful singing voices, sleek dance moves and child prodigies, he left me out. i'm not really outstandingly talented in any kind of area - i suppose i'm quite academic, i got good GCSE results, which slipped a wee bit when i started a levels. i like to think i'm quite talented at writing... i love creative writing and actually got an a* on my creative writing coursework oooh yeah ;)

but the talent i choose is being able to calm people down, yeah odd 'talent' i know. and to be honest, i don't know how i do it! i can always seem to put people at ease and calm them down when they're stressed or angry. especially with a friend on mine in psychology class - she gets extremely stressed out, lol. so yup that's one of my odd little talents :) as well as always keeping calm and happy myself!

Keep calm ;)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Oh george!

Hello my gorgeous followers!
earlier on in the week a saw an advert for Asda's George range - they were (and i think still are) having a sale on jeggings and jeans. of course i popped on over to the website, and had a little peek. i needed to get some more jeggings, as well as some more leggings so i thought it was worth a look. it definitely was!

'ruched' leggings

£6.00 £3.00!!
so, on the website these are described as 'ruched' but in the photo i couldn't see any ruching, so i ordered anyway and there is some ruching but it's not very noticeable unless your looking closley at the bottom of the side of the leggings (why would you?). i was hoping the ruching wouldn't be too out there, and it's not. i've tried to capture it in the second photo. they're thick which is nice, so there's no underwear peaking out from underneath!

'soft bleached' jeggings

£10.00 £3.75!
these were over half price! i was pretty impressed when they came, because they are very nice quality. they aren't the jersey type jeggings, they are the 'denim' ones. they fit really nicely, and you barely even realise you're wearing anything at all!

i can't remember exactly how much the delivery was but i remember my total was about £10 so it was about £3-ish. so i got these for basically £5 each.

i know they're pretty basic, but i thought i'd share with you the george sale if you hadn't yet heard about it. 

Thursday, 23 September 2010


Hello ladies,
Yes another fotd! Lol, and yes with another netural eye :) You love it really!

L'oreal true match + Infalliable mixed
Benefit It stick
Boujours Mineral radiance powder
MAC Well dressed blush
MAC Harmony blush as contour

Urban Decay YDK all over the lid
Urban Decay Twice baked in outer crease + lower lashline
Elf black cream eyeliner
Lash stilletto mascara
ME ME ME Fat cat lashes mascara
Elf brow kit

Rimmel Nude delight lipstick
NYX Earth angel lipstick

I usually despise applying my foundation with my fingers... i always thought it didn't cover blemishes, looked streaky and just never seemed to work for me! But recently i gave it another try and i'm liking it a lot - the finish is a hell of a lot more natural and blends in with the skin better. Loving it!

On another note, i've always loved big hair but lately i've been sporting it as my go-to. I just roll out of bed, backcomb and i'm good to go ;)

Have you rediscovered anything?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Jimi (L)

Hey guys,
I'm loving this tee, Jimi Hendrix.. legend. I've also found it to be quite a conversation starter haha!

T-shirts are my absolute 'chuck on a go' solution for when I don't really want to search through my wardrobe and find something that I'm happy with for that day. Meh, nothing special!


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

1hundred things: TWO

Good morning!
So i'm gonna post the next lot of ten things that make me happy, let me know what you think... what makes you happy? I know I said I'd do these every monday... but my memory sucks. No excuses, lol!

Have a great monday (tuesday)!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Day 18 - Whatever tickles your fancy

Hello loves,
Been a while since a did one of the days from the 30 day tag, lol - but i'm getting there surely but slowly. Kind of depressing i couldn't do it all in '30 days' as some other bloggers have... but i'd just get too bored! Anyways, thought i'd show you my NOTD because i'm so happy i finally got this polish to work for me!!!

Gosh Holographic!

Okay so, if you've seen and heard of this nail polish, you know that it's notoriously hard to apply. The tricks i found is that you need to apply very thin layers, and wait til they are 100% dry before applying the next. The second trick is not to paint over the same patch of nail more than once when it's wet - otherwise it tends to slide right back off the nail and leave you with a patchy, streaky mess.

This looks beautiful in every single light! And in it's defense, it does dry super quick so having to wait for each layer isn't much of a problem. This was with 3 layers... although had i of had more time i would've probably of gone for a 4th.

Have you got the knack to applying this nail polish? Have you never had a problem with it?

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Day 17 - An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture etc.)

Hey, hey...
I'm by no means an art critic, fanatic or even know that much about it all. All I know is what I like the look of and I do respect a drawing/painting that has been created by a very talented person. I've always thought I'd like having a Banksy piece on my living room wall one day. So I'm going to grace your computer screens with some Banksy...

 Do you consider Banksy art?