Wednesday, 7 December 2011

It's a habbit...

Shopping is a habit, and old habits die hard. Even when it's Christmas and purchases are supposed to be for everyone else. I do feel like it's justified a tad though because I actually finished all of my Christmas shopping in October/early November, so it's well earned? Pfft.

Camel + Red Stripe Knit Cardigan | £12.00
Black 'Super Skinny' Jeans | £9.00
Patent Bow Flat Pumps | £5.00

Was so impressed by the cardigan... it feels and looks much higher quality than a Primark cardigan, it's super soft and the red stripes are perfect for this season. Black skinny jeans are a staple I've been putting off buying for ages (who likes shopping for basics? It's so boring!) so I just went with these. Been after some plain black pumps and these fit the bill. Don't recommend Primark shoes for everyday wear (especially pumps) because they get ruined.

Metallic/Sparkle Jumper | £14.99 H&M
I'm obessed with these sparkly jumpers, anyone else? I couldn't choose between this silvery-grey with lilac undertones or a darker navy kind of colour so will probably end up getting that colour as well! Amazing price and really festive! Can't beat a bit of sparkle.

'N' Wash Bag | £16.00 Alphabet Bags
Bought one of these wash bags to use as a make up bag after seeing them on Lisa Eldridge's Christmas gifts video and instantly fell in love. It is HUGE, and also has a zip up side pocket which is nice. It's from Alphabet Bags which do all sorts of different tote bags etc. really good website if you're looking for gifts!

Snow Fairy Gift Set | £10.95
Mask of Magnaminty | £6.47
Butterball Ballistic | £1.90
Cinders Ballistic | £1.95
No countdown to Christmas is complete without a pitstop in LUSH! The Snow Fairy set is for Dean's Stepsister, I think it's a great little gift for those you're not wanting to spend too much money on without looking like you haven't. The mask is also Dean's - he loves the stuff! The two ballistics are both mine and are my favourite LUSH products of all time. I get so excited at Christmas time to stock up on these. They both smell delish and Butterball makes your skin so soft! LUSH if you're reading please make these two permanent??

And my most expensive purchase apart from my car (and insurance) ever! Was so excited to receive this, it's a beaut. My old laptop was dying a slow and painful death, and the charger had also broken so I was having to steal my Dad's when he wasn't using his for work. Ideally a MacBook would've been nice but is such a crazy amount of £

Have you finished Christmas shopping or have you been treating yourself?


  1. Love the colour combo of the first jumper and I like the H&M sparkly jumper too! Xmas shopping for yourself in totally justified!

  2. I love that striped cardigan, I think I might get one for myself :) I want either the Snow Fairy gift set from Lush aswell, who doesn't love a bit of Snow Fairy?

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one to finish christmas shopping early!

  4. What is the fit like on Primark skinnies? I don't wear skinnies enough to warrant spending lots of money, so the Primark ones may be what I need xxx


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