Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Max Factor 'False Lash Effect'

Bonjour beauties!
So today I'm doing a review on the Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara. Now I've perviously owned it before and I liked it, I just didn't love it. So when I was wandering around Tesco's during last week I thought I would repurchase... and I've fallen in love with it! By no means is it my 'Holy Grail' mascara... but it's pretty darn good!!

You can see the wand a lot better if you click :)

So as you can see the wand itself is actually huge, although the bristles don't come out very far - which I think would be a problem for those with shorter lashes or smaller eyes. The wand and bristles are the plasticy rubber kind, which I normally detest...

Okay so obviously the top picture are my bare lashes. They're already pretty long, and I suppose they're a little bit thicker than average? I dunno, tell me what you guys think lol. This picture was taken with JUST ONE layer :)

I never usually curl my eyelashes as they already have their own natural curl... this mascara didn't weigh it down and by the end of the day there is no flakiness and the exact same ammount of curl than there was when I first applied... which I think it great because sometimes I have trouble with some mascaras making my lashes stick straight out because they're being weighed down.

I'm really impressed with the formulation, it's not too thick, but it's not super liquidy either. It doesn't take forever to dry but it doesn't dry so quickly that you struggle to put on a second layer. I find that the wand helps seperate my lashes, gives it a teensy bit more length but what I really love is how black this makes your lashes and the volume it adds - all with one coat!

So onto the scores...
Packaging: 9/10, it's pretty sleek and I like gold on black
Wand: 8/10, it is fab for my lashes although I think the bristles could be longer
Length: 5/10, it only added a really, really small ammount of length
Volume: 7/10, not the best volumising mascara but good all the same
Staying power: 9/10, lasted amazingly well, at end of the day it's still the same

Would I purchase again? Yes!
Where can I get it? Boots, Superdrug, anywhere that stock Max Factor
How much will it set me back? £10.99

Overall this is a brill mascara, big thumbs up from me. I love the effect it gives on my lashes but it's not exactly false lashes in a tube like it claims but... meh, it never does what it says on the tin! What do you think of this mascara?

Monday, 29 March 2010

'Idols': Olsen twins

Hello girlies,
Now, it seems everyone loves the Olsen twins - I'm also part of this gang. So, I thought I'd dedicate a post to them. I grew up watching their tv shows, films and reading their books, it was literally love! Lol. As I grew up, and so did they I started to admire their styles over there acting. Plus, they are both beautifully stunning! Here are some photo's that I took from http://www.weheartit.com/ (gotta love that site!!)


Mary-kate was always my favourtie, who was yours?

Sunday, 28 March 2010

End of the week haul

Hello dolls :)
So the idea was to be on a COMPLETE spending ban this week... but I thought with my shopping addiction this was a bit harsh, lol. So I just tried to limit the ammount of things I bought. I'm pretty proud as I bought hardly anything, here they are...

My Avon order finally came, woo. I got this room spray just because I love my room to smell yummy :) It's really strong for the first 5 minutes... but then it seems to dissappear to nothing. Which was a bit dissapointing, but I think it was only £2 on some kind of offer.

And I also got this lipstick from Avon, it's called pout and they describe it at a satin finish. It's a really pretty peachy pink and I've been wearing it alot. I want to get some nude shades as most of my lipsticks are pink tones. Does anyone have any reccomendations?

Popped into Tesco and picked up the new 'Beautiful Ends' shampoo and conditioner from Herbal Essences. Thought I'd give it a whirl even though I dont have a major case of split ends... I'm on a mission to get my hair healthy. We'll see how this one pans out...

I've had this Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara before, I remember it being okay and when I saw it when I was strolling down the make up eisle in Tesco, I thought it was definitely worth a second shot :)

The last thing I picked up was this Revlon nail polish in Boots. My white rimmel polish has gone all stringy (grr rimmel polishes!!) and this was the first one I saw really lol. Plus I don't think I've ever owned a Revlon polish before? Will be interesting to see how they work for me :) Boots are actually having a 3 for 2 on Revlon products at the moment, so anyone who wants to try photoready or needs to stock up on colorstay... go and check that out :)

I love to read, and I haven't really had any new reading material (other than heat magazine, lol) for a long time so I picked up both these books in Tesco :)
Have you been on a splurge this week? Or resisted the temptation? And don't forget to let me know about some nice nude shades :)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

3 quick and easy hairstyles

Hello ladies :)
Well, todays post is going to be hair related, I don't think I've ever done one before? So it's overdue really isn't it? Lol. Anyways, I get increasingly bored of the 'usual' hairstyles... but it's simply because I always think other styles take too much time. This isn't the case and I thought I'd share 3 hairstyles I achieved in about 5 minutes for each? And they all come from the same idea or 'base' if you like :) Here goes... PHOTOS ARE CLICKABLE

1- 'The Base'
I've been wearing my hair just like this quite a lot recently. It's so simple to do, but really effective... I think. It's sort of a toned down Amy Winehouse? Lol. To achieve this look I just section off the top part of my crown and backcomb the whole lot, smoothing a brush over the top afterwards. Then I just simple take both my hands and sweep it to the back and secure with a clip :) Simples!

2- Low Side Pony
Take the same steps as you did for the first hairstyle, then just pull the left over hair to the side and tie! This is easy to dress up with some cute hair accessories, or you could even curl your hair... the possibilities are endless :)

3- Low Side Messy Bun
This looks a lot more complicated than it really is. I took the hairstyle number 2, then sectioned the ponytail making a loop with each section and securing it to my head with bobby pins. Another great one to add accessories too. It literally took 5 minutes! Great for a wedding I think? Or any kind of formal :)

As you can see, these hairstyles are so versatile. There are tonnes of other looks you could make with just 'the base'. They're all really quick, and anyone could do them, easily. Hair accessories would look great with all of them.

Do you tend to get in a hair rut?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Jukupop & Truffle Shuffle

Hiya :D
I have no idea why, but atm I'm so into T-Shirts, as in slogan T-Shirts. I just really want to blow some cash and get some! But I'm trying to save for a holiday and a laptop, so I'm resisting although it's killing me! My favourite websites to get T-Shirts are Jukupop and Truffle Shuffle. Here's a few I have my eye on... *this will be picture heavy*

First up, Jukupop...
Every girl loves a superhero, £24.99

Superman, £24.99

Omnipeace, £28.99
T-Shirt brand Junk Food have collaborated with charity Omnipeace who are trying to end poverty by 2025. They won't get any money from this t-shirt, and it's super cute too!

Rocking out, £22.50

Sesame Street, £24.99

Spiderman heart, £24.99

And now Truffle Shuffle...
Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit, £24.99

Daddy I want a pony, £24.99

Cheerio for now!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Two awards :)

Morning my lovelies,
Eeeeek, I love it when someone gives me an award :) Makes me all fuzzy inside, lmao! Pretty self explanitory so I'll just get on with it lol.

So the first one I've been award is the Tres Chic Award, really cute award, dontcha think? Holly nominated me for this award, so thank you very much Holly. I love reading your blog and you definitley deserved to get this one too :) As far as I'm aware this one has no rules...?

And the second award is the 'Beautiful Blogger' award. I think I may have done this already, but I'm not too sure... I'll do it again anyways, lol! Thanks to Alice for giving me this, you're really sweet! I'm new to your blog but I'm lovin' it already <3

So for this award you have to share seven things about yourself...
1- I'm currently learning how to drive and I'm loooooving it. I knew I would!
2- I'm a massive rollercoaster fan... that feeling of your stomach in your throat? My favourite thing ever.
3- Mine and my boyfriend's 18 month anniversary is coming up on April 15th :)
4- I can't whistle :(
5- I can't tear myself away from gossip magazines even though I know they're rubbish.
6- Anyone who knows me knows I'm very, very sarcastic.
7- I'd say my Dad is one of my best friends <3

I would tag people, but I'm pretty sure I've already done this. But seriously - I tag every single one of you! If you want to do this but haven't been tagged then please do :) I TAG YOU!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Beautiful summer skin : Body

Hey dolls :)
Woohoo, summer is coming up soonish (I like to be optimistic, lol), and the sun has actually been shining where I live! So naturally it's time to start getting my skin ready for summer. Just gonna do a quick little post on how I do that...

Step 1: Exfoliate
This is such an important step that many people leave out. This will help fake tan look a lot more natural and stay patch free for much longer! It also gets rid of the top layer of dead skin cells, which obviously you don't want on your legs and body. I've heard that expfoliating also helps lotions and moisturisers to skin in - meaning more hydration for your skin! There are tonnes of exfoliating products out there, but I just opt for a loofah :)

Step 2: Shave/Wax
Obviously this step is personal. You may like to shave, wax or use creams. I just shave, as for me it's so much quicker and cheaper!! I'd suggest investing in a good razor because for me, that does make a difference. If you do shave... the exfoliating step will help you out as it gets the hair folicles moving and the hairs will stand on end - which means you're able to get the closest shave possible.

Step 3: Fake Tan
This could be a moisturising build up tan, or just full out Saint Tropez! Coming up to summer I use Dove's summer glow, I find it doesn't have an orangey tone or the biscuity scent, which is a big thumbs up for me! Once it gets to summer I'll get out in the sun and ditch the fake tan. If it's a slow summer, I'll keep my Dove summer glow close!!

Step 4: Moisturise

Use a light moisturiser in the summer. It's really important to switch because your skin needs different things at different times of the year. Moisturising will also help that real or fake tan last a hell of a lot longer!

Step 5: PROTECT!!!
Please, please, please ladies, protect yourself against the sun! If the threat of skin cancer doesn't put you off... what about looking older and leathery at 30?! Not good to go out there in the sun without protecting your skin. You'll have your skin for life - so look after it!

Step 6: Work out
Ha! I LOVE this picture!! No but seriously, I know that a tan is slimming but if you work out and just tighten up a bit, you'll be more confident and you'll also feel better for it!

Happy summer prepping ladies!

Friday, 19 March 2010


Morning :)
Please forgive me for the lack of posts lately! I've just had inspiration lately for what to put up. I have a few products I'm testing atm and there'll later be reviews about them. But until then :/ I don't know when I'll get my blog mojo back! I'm pretty sure it will be soon :) lol. So until them I'll leave you with some of my favourite pictures I've come across on http://www.weheartit.com/. I love flicking through photos so yup. Here are some of my hearted pictures...

Have a great day!