Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stuck in the middle

Hello my loves,
I tried out something a little bit different with my hair today... for about 5+ years now I've had pretty much the same hairstyle - just varying in lengths. The standard layered hair with a sidesweeping fringe. I don't think I've had a middle parting since I was about 10?! But numerous celebs rock it, and looking amazing...


Couldn't mention middle partings and not include the Kardashian sisters, right? Anyways, after getting my hair to co-operate (was obviously very confused about the change in direction) I managed a middle part. And I don't think it looked to shabby... thought my face looked very odd at first but it's grown on me, think I might don it more often :)

Was obviously feeling brave/experimental today because I also whacked on a red lip! The lipstick is Hero by NYX which you can see in this haul here :)

Are you a fan of the middle part?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Month's Most Wanted

Hello ladies (and gents?),
I literally cannot wait for payday, the blogger/cosmetics junkie in me is telling me to splurge... but my head is telling me to only buy what I need and put the rest towards my NYC fund (possible trip there in January!). We shall see... I'm sure you'll be able to tell by how big my next haul is ;) Although I don't think I've done a haul for about a month, I must've been good... anyway, this is a total tangent. Here are some bits I've really been wanting this Month...

H&M Camel Striped Jumper: I'm a massive fan of camel and a massive fan of stripes, so this jumper could not be more perfect. It is getting seriously chilly in the UK right now, so stocking up on some jumpers is probably a good idea. They have this jumper in loads of different colours and I love every single one.

Boots Extracts Brazil Nut Body Butter: As you saw in a recent post, I just finished up my last tub of The Body Shop Body Butter... as much as I love the Body Shop's body butter, I can't help but feel they're well overpriced. The Boots ones on the other hand are more reasonable, just as good quality, fair trade and equally delicious in scent. Will be picking up this! They're often on 3 for 2 as well :)
[£7.29 for 200ml]

Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine: I've been lusting over these from afar for a while now, they're raved about both on Youtube and Blogger. I just don't know whether to go for Jasmine or Guava? The air con at work is a nightmare and my lips get so dry... this would be great to keep in my pocket for a little bit of colour and some moisture!

F&F Duffle Cape Coat: Like I said, it's getting cold, and it's only gonna get colder! I love cape style coats. They do this same one in a camel colour - but zomggg could never keep that clean! Who would've thought a coat like this would be from Tesco??? My boyfriend said 'er no that looks like little red riding hood' what do guys know about fashion?! In love.

VO5 Miracle Concentrate: Another hyped-up-on-the-internet product, this one a hair oil. My hair is going through a bit of a funny phase at the moment... a bit dull, lifeless and it's at the awkward length where my layers just keep flicking and not staying nice and straight. Hoping this would tame it!
[£4.99 approx]

Bourjois Mineral Radiance Powder: I've had this powder before and I couldn't fault it - I've just not repurchased because I've been a bit skint. It does what it claims... it sets my make up and stops me from looking like an oil slick but retains some sort of a 'glow' and stops me from looking so flat. Smells amazing as well!

So that's that over, looks like I've been in a rambling mood because I normally like to keep these posts short and sweet. I've missed blogging, what can I say?! As always - tell me what you think of these products in the comments or recommend me something that you prefer :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My week in photographs

Yep, I normally put these posts up on a Sunday, I know. I suck. I don't even have many photo's to put up this week! :( I know. Again, I suck.

Definitely the yummiest meal of the week... crispy halloumi cheese with salad. DELICIOUS. If you've never tried halloumi cheese, you need to.

Marbling experimentation took place... I'll keep you posted on how that goes! More practice required.

One of my best girlfriends, Kelly, has a birthday coming up this week so of course, on Saturday night we all rallied into town and it was a night full of dancing and drinks. Pre-drinks was obviously a must accompanied by a massive bag of Doritos. The next morning neither of us felt too fresh, so we headed to Marks and Spencer to get hangover recovery food. Apparently we thought M&S would make us look less like hungover girls and more like sophisticated ladies who lunch at Marks and Sparks. I think our make-up-less faces gave that away though...

So yup, that's all I have for this week guys :( Sorry it's so lame!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Project 10 Pan: 9 down!

Hello cuppycakes,
So, my project 10 pan is really nearing an end now. I'm so glad that I only have one product left to go because I am itching to go shopping! You know when you just have an uncontrollable urge to shop?? But I promise not to buy any make-up until this is finished! 

To be honest though, I was a little bit sad to see this one go. I've been savouring it for ages because it is without a doubt one of my most used products and I'm going to be repurchasing this as soon as I can!

The product I'm talking about is MAC's Fix+ spray. At first, me and Fix+ didn't get along - I just didn't see the point of it and it didn't seem to do a lot. However, I grew to love it and it blossomed into a love story. I literally have been using this 5/7 days of the week, probably more.

It has so many uses... if I'm going to wear a heavy foundation like Revlon Colorstay, I'll spray this onto a moisturised face and it helps it glide on a little better without being so cakey. Or, I spray this onto a made-up face to set it and it helps it last a little longer (especially do this when I'm working 1-9). Spraying this on your face during the day also helps you feel refreshed as well as reviving your make up. It has an unbelievably cooling sensation that I'm literally addicted to - amazing in the summer, and I love the smell as well!

Other uses I've found are using this with particularly glittery eyeshadows (UD Midnight Cowboy I'm looking at you), it prevents fallout and makes any usual eyeshadow more intense. I recommend putting the eyeshadow on the back of your hand, then spraying the brush and using the eyeshadow from the back of your hand otherwise it can make your eyeshadow go a little manky. If you want to use an eyeshadow as liner Fix+ is a good thing to use :)

I really recommend everyone trying MAC Fix+ it's been an absolute life saver for me and although it is a little pricey I really think it's worth it and it lasts forever. You can get it from any MAC store or website for £12.50.

Friday, 23 September 2011

I just wanna stay in my bed...

Expect more of these random little posts - kind of just have the urge to blog sometimes, lol. Hope you don't mind :)

For those of you who don't know, I recently got a job at Next - and I'm actually in the Home department. I've loved interior design ever since I was little, so being surrounded by beautiful furniture, wallpaper and accessories is pretty amazing. I just wish I had my own house to decorate! I'm always mentally mapping out colour schemes and the like.

If any of these bedrooms were mine, I would be an extremely happy bunny ^_^

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Project 10 Pan: 8 down!

Hello everyone :)
So this morning I woke up and finished the 8th product of project 10 pan, so it looks like I'm finally coming to the end! It has been very difficult not to cave in and buy any other products because I've wanted so many, and apart from that little Elf haul blip, I think I've been really good! Okay, so I basically failed... but I couldn't pass up the chance of a 50% off sale on a company that are already so cheap!

So the product I finished up today was The Body Shop's Peach Body Butter. Now I realise this isn't a make-up item, but it's cosmetic right? It's not a necessity. It counts, yes? :)

So this is in the scent Peach which they claim to be for all skin types. I think this may be my favourite scent, it is so fresh and not too heavy - couldn't see it clashing with any perfumes/deodorants. But then again I also love the Coconut, Almond, Brazil Nut and Mango ones!

I'm always banging on about how oily my skin is, but my legs? Whole different kettle of fish. They're so dry - probably something to with the fact they regularly have a sharp metal blade pulled across the skin in an attempt to have 'Veet advert' worthy pins. So moisturising them after a shower/before I go bed/in the morning is needed.

Generally, all of The Body Shop body butters are quite thick, which makes them very hydrating. The scent lingers all day on me which is why I really do love these so much. Moisturisation? (is that even a word? NB: spell check tells me no) Well, they moisturise my legs just as well as any other body moisturiser I've ever used, so in that department it's not outstanding. However, it does leave a really lovely sheen/glow on the skin which is beautiful on a night out. But, I do find that it doesn't sink in particularly quickly, and I feel as though it leaves a bit of a greasy film.

I'm just gonna throw it out there... I think TBS Body Butters are overpriced. Yes, they smell good enough to eat and sure, they moisturise fairly well. But £12.50? Meh, I could go with out. I usually only buy these body butters when they're on some sort of offer - which to be fair, they always seem to be. So if you feel like a bit of a splurge, a little slice of luxury then I think you'd enjoy these. Something about them is so addictive and inticing!

*Currently on buy one, second one 50% off, Body Shop Wesbite*

What do you think of The Body Shop Body Butters? What Body Butter is your ultimate favourite?

Monday, 19 September 2011

Little Peace Of Me

Hello lovelies,
Long time no see, I know! Sorry about that, I've been lacking inspiration in all honesty - I've been pretty busy as well but anyways... I felt compelled to blog, so I thought I'd share with you a lipstick that I've been loving recently.

So the lipstick that I'm talking about is the shade 'Peace' from the Boots 17 Mirror Shine range. This range of lipsticks have featured on my blog numerous times, and no doubt you've heard about them on other blogs and Youtube channels. And I promise you it's not just all hype, they are honestly such gorgeous lipsticks. They are so moisturising and glide on beautifully - with no need for a gloss. They are quite sheer, so the pigmentation is amazing but the formula is so great, it's hard not to love them.

This shade, in the tube is a neon and I'm not exaggerating when I say neon, orange/peach/coral/pink. That was helpful right? Haha. But like I said, they're quite sheer lipsticks so do not expect it to apply on the lips the same colour as the in the tube, because it is really quite different...

This is such a hard colour to photograph so I apologise, but definitely go and swatch it on the back of your hand... it's a 'bright' lipstick without being so in your face, quite subtle without being a boring and safe pinky/peachy/nude colour. Really enjoy wearing this lipstick :)

You can pick up these lipsticks for £4.59 in Boots. If you want to see swatches/post on another shade from the range you can find it here :)

What is your lipstick love right now?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Did we chase the rabbit into wonderland?

Hello lovelies,
Sorry I haven't been posting as much as usual! To be honest, I've not be that inspired to blog - and I haven't been buying any new products so no hauls, and no make up to get excited about! Even my week in photos have been slacking :| Sorry about that! Blogging shall resume shortly I would imagine :)

It was my Mum's birthday at the weekend, so me and one of my sisters took her out for lunch and shopping in a quaint little place full of higgledy piggledy shops selling loads of cute and adorable things... I found an old-school Vaseline tin! Anyways, I wish I took more photo's (especially of lunch) but I thought I would share anyway.

Just thought I'd pop by and say hello :) Hope you're all well!