Sunday, 4 December 2011

New Booties

Say hello to my new boots, with whom I am in love. I've been after a pair of brown ankle boots for absolutely ages and I just couldn't find the right ones. I did have my eye on some Kurt Geiger ones but they were sold out everywhere. These ones are perfect, they are distressed dark brown (faux) leather, wooden look low heel with a buckle and strap detail. They are comfortable as well! So where are they from? Ebay! At a really affordable price. They are on sale at the moment, so now is a great time to order them, perfect for winter and look great with everything. Just had to share this bargain with you!

Completely recommend the seller, they dispatched quickly at a good price and they actually feel like really good quality. You can find them here for £19.59.

What are your staple winter boots?


  1. They are lovely! I always find it hard to find winter boots but these look really nice, good find :) xxx

  2. Those boots are really nice! I think I might just get myself a pair in black :)

  3. These are lovely :) I always find it hard to find the right pair of boots aswell.

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  4. They are so nice. Love the buckle detailing! What a bargain too! :-) xx

  5. they're amazing! i think i need a pair. xx

  6. Love these!!

  7. You always manage to find some amazing boots you really do! I love these too, the colour of them is great! I always wear boots, and I'd totally like to own these.. what a bargain!x

  8. @Phoebe - Thank you!

    @Aneka - Ooh I did umm and ahh about getting the black too, but with my black chelsea boots I thought I should be sensible! Haha

    @FrancesCassandra - Thank you <3

    @Leanne Marie - Yes! I'm all for buckles ;)

    @Grace - DO IT! DO IT! Hahaa

    @Emily - Ah glad you lke them!

    @k f e d l a n d - Ahh it seems like I have a boot fetish recently LOL. Just ordered some allegra lookalikes, keep your eyes peeled for a post!


  9. These are beautiful! Great find you eBay genius!
    I struggle to find boots to suit me, my legs are quite large you see so I have trouble finding booties to fit my calves *woe is me*
    that being said, I'd love a pair to wear to work during winter and my current ballet pumps won't cut it in snow and driving rain! I work in a corporate business environment though and I can't fund any that will look good with my black trousers! Rubbish!
    Life story!!

  10. awww those boots are the cutest thing.

    they're lovely =]

    great post x

    fashion/beauty blogger

  11. ooooo i love these!!! are you able to do a OOTD wearing them? I want to get some but not sure how to style them!


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