Friday, 30 April 2010

Lea Michele

Hello ladies (and gents?),
I did a post on Lea Michele a while back... as a style crush, which she still very much is. But, guess who featured in the ASOS magazine that came through my letterbox this morning? Yup, Lea! She's looking superrrr hot in the photo's I couldn't help sharing them with you!

If you wanna check out the rest of the photo's, go and check out the ASOS website, which is were I got these from :)

Beautiful... right? I just think Lea is such an amazing role model for young girls. She isn't seen stumbling out of clubs with a suspicious looking white powder around her nose... nor is she eating baby food all day long to shed some pounds. I <3 Michele, who's with me? ;)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Heyy guys :)
Just another quick outfit of the day post...

Purple twist bandeau top - Dorothy Perkins
Grey cardigan - TU at Sainsbury's
Gold clasp waist belt - Primark
& I just teamed this with some H&M skinny jeans.

All bangles and plimsols - Primark

Love you all followers!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Haul time :)

Hey lovers,
So... this week hasn't been a great one for me... I got my braces tightened and because it's near enough the last strength it's really killing, and it's also 'that time of the month' *eurgh sorry* along with all the revision for my AS levels anddd my computer getting a virus. So I thought I would treat myself :) Lol. The first shop I went to was superdrug, and I really wanted to pick up the Storm or Sunset palette... but they were sold out of both :| *bad mood* then... they were sold out of the Sleek contour kit! *worse mood* lol. But ah well, I did manage to get something that I set out to...

The NYC Color Wheel in 'pink cheek glow'
This was £3.99 and you get a bunch of product, plus I've heard good things about this. *lightened mood*

The I decided to pop into Primark, purely just to have a browse and came out with a few bits...
These skinny jeans for £8. I'd never usually buy jeans from Primark but I thought I'd give 'em a bash and see how they turn out... I have low expectations though lol.

I then picked up this men's tee... in XL lol. Well basically, I've been after an off-the-shoulder top for absolutely ages. But none seem to sit right on me?? So I thought I'd DIY it. Plus it was only £2!

I picked up this plaited waist belt, it's black leather. I was after a brown one but I couldn't find one! Then in the queue the lady behind had one, typical! Lol.

Okay, then I thought a trip to H&M was needed. There's 2 H&M's in my city... within about 2 minutes of each other, lol! I stopped going to the old one and only ever go to the new one... but idk, I decided I'd go to the old one today and I'm glad I did because I got a couple of bargains!
This vest top was in the sale at £3 (previously £7.99) and I'd had my eye on it for a while so I was happy when it was reduced :) I think it's sweet and just such an easy look over some leggings, jeggings or jeans.

Another sale item... recuded from £15 to £7! This cardi is showing up more blue in the picture, but it's more of a slate grey/blue. I've been looking for this kind of coloured cardigan for a bit, and I was going to get one in New Look, but at £16... I'm glad I found this one!

This vest top was £7.99. It's black and I don't know whether you can see properly but the alternate stripes are sheer and see-through. I would put a vest/cami underneath this. I think a bright coloured one would look good :) but a plain black or white would work equally well.

I love this top! Anchors and sequins, what could be better? £7.99

And lastly just some simple, oversized sunglasses. I love these! My head is really small (lol) so it's always really hard to find glasses that stay on my head! these were £4.99 - I think.

Grabbed any bargains this week?

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Still alive!

Hello my loyal followers,
Just to let you know that I haven't dissappeared off the face of the earth... my PC got a virus (thanks limewire!) so yup. I have to save some money and get a laptop. I should still be able to get some posts up throughout the week though, by using my Dad's laptop so yeah, stay with me!

Love you all!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Discout codes!

Hello lovelies,
Just a quick little something I wanted to share with you guys... a lovely, lovely girl from called Daisy recently e-mailed giving me a lot of discout codes for beauty and clothing websites out there. Thanks so much Daisy! I thought some of you might have a use for some of these and it would be a waste to not share them around :) I know how much I trawl through the internet looking for discount codes!

10% off selected orders

Code: fig10off
Expires: 23rd April 2010

10% all orders and free delivery

Code: LN9P
Expires: 30th April 2010

Free standard delivery when you spend £75

Expires: 31st May 2010

Love your shoes
10% off all orders

Expires: 30th April 2010

House of Frazer
£5 off beauty and fragrances over £60

Code: BEAUTY10
Expires: 3rd May 2010

10% off beauty orders

Code: PN6P
Expires: 8th May 2010

Hotter shoes
£5 off all orders

Expires: 10th May 2010

Joules clothing
Free delivery when you spend £50

Code: PP68
Expires: 2nd May 2010

6% off all orders and 5% off sale items

Code: DB14
Expires: 30th April 2010

Thank you again to Daisy, it was really thoughtful to send over these discount codes :) and I hope they came in handy for some of you! For any other dicount vouchers be sure to head onto! :)

Things I love Thursday

Bonjourno bambinos!
Just a quickie... I absolutely love animals, always have done since I was tiny, tiny! Besides spiders that is, lol. So this is just a little tribute post to all the loverly creatures out there, haha! Plus I love any excuse to root through :D

Yay for amazing animals :)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Review; Maybelline Super Stay 24h

Hello girlies :)
This post is gonna be about a product that I actually haven't heard much about from the beauty community. It's the new foundation from Maybelline called Super Stay 24h. Similarly named to that of Revlon Color Stay. And to be honest. I think this is comparable!

First off, Maybelline claim that this has 'Micro-flex stretch formula' which means the foundation is 'non-transfer and 24hr makeup'... now, 24 hours? Thats a heck of a claim! Which I don't think is 100% true... just a bit exaggerated!
Mine is in the shade 010 Ivory... I am a 180 Sand Beige from the Colorstay line. And this Maybelline shade works a lot better for me actually. I tend to find that sometimes Colorstay oxidises throughout the day and sometimes look a little orange. The Super stay doesn't do this and this shade is actually perfect for me. Even those Revlon Ivory's and Buff's could even find a shade because there are 2 lighter ones.

This foundation is full coverage, will literally hide almost anything. The consistency is actually very comparable to Colorstay, although it is a tiny bit thicker. It doesn't dry too quickly that you can't blend it in to your skin, but doesn't take so long to dry that you're sitting around waiting to put your powder on. Now for the big question... 24 hours? Well, not quite. But this does last a good 16 hour day!! If I put this on in the morning, go to college and go out afterwards for dinner, this foundation will withstand it. Even with my oily skin! The colour doesn't wear off and neither does the coverage.

Overall, I am super happy with this product. I think that Revlon might still be my favourite but this is a very, very close second. It's deffinitley a cheaper alternative. I love this foundation and I urge anyone to try it! :)

Where can I get it? anywhere that stocks Maybelline. Boots, superdrug etc.
How much for? £6.99, much cheaper than Revlon and it comes with a pump!

Have any of you tried this? Do you love it as much as I do?

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Current Craves

Hola followers!
So it's about that time again... where I've built up a list of products that I'm really lusting for! This usually occurs every month, lol. This month it's particularly bad as the majority of items are from MAC, which for me... I rarely ever buy. And when I do... it's a 'treat'. Honestly, if I for whatever reason came into ownership of a bunch of money, the MAC website would be in for a bashing!

So anyway, here's my list. I thought I'd show you guys because hopefully some of you have a couple of the products and tell me if my lusting is misplaced! So please, if you've got anything from this list... give me a shout and tell me what it's like! - I'll try and get pictures to as many of the things as possible... but MAC have really shoddy swatches and I don't want to be stealing other peoples' photos.

Naked lip liner,
Pretty please (lustre) lipstick,
Patisserie (lustre) lipstick,
Peaches (sheertone) powder blush,
Style (frost) powder blush,
Posey cream blush,
MSF natural

Sleek palettes in Storm (top) and Sunset (bottom)
& Sleek contour kit.

Barry M Nail paints in Berry ice cream, and Lemon ice cream

NYC Color Wheel
No. 7 Colour Calming primer

*none of these photo's are my own. if one belongs to you, i would be more than happy to credit it to you or remove it from my page*

So there are my main 'wants' at the moment. Do you have any of them? What do you think of it?

Monday, 19 April 2010

Review; Soapbespoke

Hello girls (and guys),
This post is going to be a review on a company which I'm pretty sure only a few (if any) of you have heard about. They sell handmade soaps, body butters and scrubs. Website here for more information :)

A few weeks back my Dad went to the ideal home show, and he saw this lady sitting at a stall with a bunch of handmade soaps. Something in his brain clicked and he remembered that I'm a fan of LUSH - pretty hard to forget when I'm always stinking out the bathrooms ;) So, he bought home some goodies for me... which I thought was so cute of him.

Here's what my Daddy got me, a 'Sea Breeze Scrub Lust' and two soaps laying in a bed of ocean salt.

This is the first fragrance called 'Sea Breeze' which is pretty self explanitory. It is a really fresh scent, which is something that I really like. It also has a hint of lemon, now I don't normally like lemony scents but this isn't overpowering and really works well. The salts in the bottom can be used in the bath and do leave the skin soft and smooth but nothing special enough to write home about. Although they are very relaxing and I do like using them :)

One thing that I dislike about LUSH soaps is the fact that they don't lather very well. These soaps do actually lather. I feel like when things lather they're working better - I know this isn't true... it's just some kind of psychological thing lol. The scent of these soaps do linger for a while - not as long as LUSH soaps do - but a good 2 or 3 hours.

The second soap (the red), is a scent called 'Sexy Spice'. I'm not so keen on this scent... it is what it says... it has a cinnamon scent to it as well as some other spices which I can't quite place my finger on. I'm really pleased with these soaps, but I probably wouldn't purchase again... purely for the fact that I prefer the soap scents from LUSH, and they linger for a lot longer.

This is the Sea Breeze Scrub Lust. This is the same scent as the blue soap. It's supposed to be a sort of rich creamy body butter... They look like salt granules, but you submerge them in hot water and they melt down and when put onto the skin turn into a luxiourous butter...

For me, a person with oily skin... this is far too much for me. And I did find that it took a long time to sink into the skin, and even when it did it left a bit of a residue. Although saying that, I think this would work wonders for mature and dry skin! It smells lovely too - and the scent lasts longer than the soaps. For me, this just doesn't work. As much as I wanted it to :(

I believe that they also make personalised soaps and things, I think these make really great presents. But I do think the products are a bit pricey. The soaps are £5 and the scrub/butter thing is £15. All in all, I think these were fab products to use once in a while, but I don't think I could use these without getting bored, unlike LUSH. As their scent range is pretty limited. I do reccomend taking a look at the website, the products are really high quality and didn't irritate my skin like a lot of bath products tend to do to me.


Saturday, 17 April 2010


Today I decided to go for a daytime smokey eye, and thought I'd show you guys before I quickly rush off to shop for wallpaper and wallpaper stippers! Lol. (my boyfriend is doing his flat up).

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Heyy :D
I've been meaning to do another outfit of the day but I always forget! Tonight I went out for a casual pub garden dinner (yay for spring!) with some of the family, so nothing too fancy. I did also wear this outfit throughout the day then just added some accessories :)

Sorry for the absolutely terrible pictures, this is the only full length mirror (ish) in the house that gets enough light!

During the day I was just wearing this slouchy top from Primark with a peachy pink vest top underneath from H&M I think. Teamed it up with some jeggings from Primark also. Didn't wear any jewelery with this look.

Added accessories...
It's really simple but I just put a skinny belt round the waist. I love the way this really changes the top... as it's quite slouchy it doesn't give the most flattering shillouette. This is a patent skinny belt and I got it from ASOS a while ago.

I love these earrings, they're vintagey and I don't know, I like them lol.

Hope you all had a wonderful day.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Haircare routine

Hello my lovelies :)
Right so, I seem to get a fair few compliments and comments on my hair. I really think hair can completley change the way someone looks (either for better or worse!). So, I thought I'd go ahead and do a post about my haircare routine, it's pretty simple and I've used it for a while, with a few adjustments.

I actually have naturally, very curly hair, but 9 times out of 10 I will straighten it... which I know isn't very good but hey ho. Here is a picture of my natural hair (this was about a year ago when it was shorter)...

1 - Products
I'll start off with the products that I use in my hair :)

I wash my hair with the Herbal Essences beautiful ends range shampoo and conditioner. I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and I'm really liking it. I really like for my hair to look and be healthy and with the heat that I use - I need to do everything in my power to keep away split ends! If I'm not using this, I'll usually use a Patene Pro-V shampoo & conditioner (repair and protect being my favourite).

This is a conditioner type product from Lee Stafford which is supposed to promote hair growth. I can't actually get back to you on how well this works yet as I've only just started using it. But when I've come to a conclusion I'll put a review up :) Now with this, you put about a golf ball sized scoop evenly into your hair and scalp between shampoo and conditioner. I love the smell of Lee Stafford products!

This is a leave in conditioner from Frizz-Ease John Freida. My hair can sometimes get frizzy (especially if I leave to air-dry) and this is a real life saver. It stops my hair from getting frizzy and keeps my hair hydrated! Once I get out of the shower I leave my hair to dry about 80%, then I spritz this all through my hair, focussing on the ends. Then I'll continue to blow dry or I'll leave it to air dry.

Like I said earlier, I will usually blow dry and straighten my hair, which is a hecka lot of heat! So I always make sure I use a protectant... that's really important to me. I use Dove's Heat Defence Therapy, it really helps my hair to resist the heat, and it smells gorgeous too. I spray this in my hair before I blow dry and before I straighten or curl. I don't let anything hot reach my hair if I don't have this little guy to hand!

Another fab smelling product from Lee Stafford. This is a 'refreshment spray'. Whenever my hair's looking a bit dull, I get this baby out. It adds an amazing shine to my hair, with no grease and no weighing down! It's also like a perfume for the hair! A lot of people tell me my hair smells great when I've sprayed this. I love this stuff!

I only ever use hairspray when I've teased or curled my hair. My hair is really stubborn at keeping shape without curls falling out etc. so I need a hairspray that will keep it in place, but not make it crispy or too heavy. I love this Pantene Extra Strong Hold Classic Hairspray. I think it smells nice (not too much of a hair spray smell) and it really does hold my cruls in for an impressive time. No crunchyness either! Result! However I do like Elnette aswell.

2- Tools
I only actually use 2 tools on my hair and they're my best friends!

This is my hairdryer... it's a Phillips Tresemme Salon Pro-Ceramic AC, with ION technology (supposed to add shine). It's got 3 heat settings and 2 strengths. Does the job for me so thumbs up.

Now these really are my little babies! My GHD straighteners :) I used to have the wide paddle ones, until I trod on them and they broke :| it was bad times lol. But actually, I like the thin ones much better, much more purposeful. I use these to straighten (obviously) as well as curl. I think you can get sooo many different curls from using a straighner, which is why I rank them higher than curlers. LOVE these. Would like to try out the Cloud Nine's though if anyone wants to go get me a pair ;) Oh and please excuse that Starbucks mug! Lol.

Sorry this was such a long post girls! Hopefully it healped somewhat? :)