Monday, 29 November 2010

I'm a grazer...

Hey guys,
I've been getting graze boxes for a while now, and I really love the whole concept. If you haven't checked them out then you definitely should... and if you don't already get them delivered or if you just want a free one then use the code they sent me for 'feeding my friends' lol! Code: 21PDYGM3. Some of my favourite so far have been the copacapana, lost army cracker mix, korean chilli rice crackers, great fire dragon, salsa tossed almonds, vanilla seeds but today I got this tasty goodness...

I ate them as soon as they were popped through my letterbox! They are so, so good! Nom nom. What's your favourite box from graze?

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Christmas Wishlist

Hello my loves,
So... there's no getting around the fact that Christmas is near, it's the start of December this week! How fast has this year gone?!?! Anyways, I always make a Christmas wishlist, and I normally do wishlist posts on here... so yup, here's my Christmas wishlist. A girl can dream ;)

Santa if you're reading this and you have a spare Audi R8, or failing that... a black Renault Clio knocking around, send it my way please? I've been really good this year :) What do you want for Christmas??

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Birthday Bloggie :D

Hello ladies,
Okay so this post is actually 2 days late... oops. It was my blog's 1 year birthday!! I'd be pretty pissed if someone forgot my birthday, so I'm sorry bloggie :( I was just looking through my very first (poor, poor) posts, and I think I can safely say my blog has most definitely grown! I love blogging and I love the blogging community. I don't think I could ever hop on over to youtube because the haters are so mean! I've been really lucky and only had one hate comment - which was actually quite recently.

Massive thank you to each and every one of you, reassures me that I'm not just babbling away to myself. And a special thanks to all of you who comment, your comments always make me happy and they're always so lovely! I really wanted to do a giveaway, but with Christmas and everything its a bit meh :/ But I will do one!! Preferably with 3 prizes - so like 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Virtual hugs and kisses to you all :D


Monday, 22 November 2010

DIY Fringe

Hello girlies :)
The other morning when I was styling my hair, I realised my fringe is so out-grown and out of control. You know, when it's gone past the point of ever doing anything you want it to? Something that looks a little something like this...

Now, I would've popped along to my hairdressers (it is just down the road...), but my fringe is one thing that I don't even trust my hairdresser with... They always seem to get it just out! So I grabbed a pair of scissors (ordinary ones at that) and started hacking... I've always cut my own fringe and I've not yet had any disaster *touches wood*. Here is what I ended up with...

I feel so much better now my fringe co-operates! And now I feel quite tempted to cut in a full fringe long enough to be a side swept fringe when I want it to be. What do you guys think... go in for the kill or quit whilst I'm ahead?

On a sidenote... this lipstick is much redder in real life and it's 17's Mirror Shine lipstick in the shade 'Hollywood' a really nice, glossy, cherry red which is surprisingly easy to wear. Plus, milestone of the century... Dean actually noticed a change in my make up! He commented how much he liked a red lip. I think I'll be sporting it more in the future :)

Do you guys go to the hairdressers for a fringe trim or DIY it?

Friday, 19 November 2010


Hello sweets,
Yup, another face of the day slash eye of the day. I really love reading posts like this, and I hope you guys aren't getting bored of seeing my mug plastered all over my blog! Lol. Anyways, I'm always fighting a constant battle to integrate colour in my make up... Although I'm quite comfortable with purple, I normally go for a purple smoky eye... But, I've been seeing quite a lot of lilac and lavender tones and thougth I'd give it a go!

Lid colour is from 88 warm palette
Outer corner colour is from 88 warm palette
Crease colour is Urban Decay's AC/DC
Lower lashline is mix between Urban Decay's AC/DC and Ecstasy
L'oreal Super liner carbon gloss
Rimmel lash accelerator
Elf brow kit

I went for a bit more of an obvious crease, I normally like to blend, blend, blend so it's a really subtle change of colour. Today I fancied not a cut crease, but more 'cut' than I normally go for. If that makes sense?

Revlon Colorstay
Natural Collection concealer
Maybelline dream matte powder
MAC harmony as contour
Mix of both Elf's contour and blush duo shades on cheeks
Natural collection lipstick in Apple Blossom
+ Big, bouncy and curly hair!

If you ever want a tutorial like I did here for any of the eotd's I show you then please let me know in the comments below and I'll try and re-create it :) Lots of love!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day 25 - Your day, in great detail

Hello lovers,
Another addition of the 30 day tag and today is to describe my day 'in great detail'. To be honest, my days right now aren't all that exciting - it's all work, work, work with no rest or play! *violin* So instead, I thought I'd do a combined day in pictures with a bit of detail that I forgot to picture! Lol. Oh and a bit of a cheat... this was yesterday :) WARNING: PICTURE HEAVY POST NOW COMMENCES

Right so first off, I got up, got ready and headed off to college. Luckily for me, it takes me about 5/10 minutes walking to get there and it's quite a quaint and pretty route. So obviously, as you do, I took some pictures of my walk to college. It was actually sunny and not raining for the first time in about 5 days!

So after that pretty walk to college, and a long tiring day full of note taking, revising and textbook reading, this was how dark it was when I walked back home afterwards... Fab!

Yesterday was actually mine and Dean's two year anniversary <3 We decided we weren't going to do presents but he still got me two beautiful roses - one for each year. Which are now, classily sitting in a Stella pint glass, lol!

For a little bit of a celebration, we went to Woodies, my fave restaurant which I actually dedicated a post to here. I had a gorgeoussss burger with lots of salad and thousand island sauce. Nom nom! And here's a little picture of the alternative to mints that they give you with the bill. I love it there so much!

After that, we pretty much went home had some cuddles, lounged around and watched I'm a celebrity get me out of here. My views? Love Stacey, hate Gillian. I'm sorry my days aren't a bit more interesting but meh, my life isn't right now haha!

Oh and my kitty cat now has a new favourite spot to sleep... right where I hang my towels. She's so cuteee! >.<


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Superdrug Colour Effects shampoo

Hello sweets,
Just a little (ahem) hair post today. I first heard about/saw the Superdrug colour effects shampoo on Louise's blog [sidenote: you need to follow this girlie]. So, the next time I was in Superdrug I thought I should pick one up and give it a try, and I picked up the shade 'Mahogany'. My hair has always had warm red tones in it, so I thought I'd embrace that and try and bring them out a little bit.

This was my hair before I went through the whole sha-bang. As you can see... quite a dull 'fading out from too many home hair dyes' brown.

So this was the next step... Superdrug say you can leave it in for 5-20 minutes, depending on the intesnity of colour and long-liveity you want. I put it on in the shower (after washing with my normal shampoo) and then clipped it up and jumped out for 20 minutes. Draping my wonderful 'rag' towel I use for a various array of things such as dying hair and washing make up brushes! :)

So this is the result! Overall, I'm really happy with it, it's quite a subtle change and I didn't really notice much of a difference until I looked at these photo's and when people pointed it out. I'm feeling the redness but I already fancy going a deep plum colour :)

Superdrug market this as a conditioning colour, and my hair does feel really soft, and looks shiny too... such big thumbs up for 99p!! Time will tell how long this lasts, and I'll let you guys know. But this is a really great change from proper hair dye, and isn't as harmful. Have a look at the colour range the next time you're in Superdrug, defs worth a go and I still have about 2 applications I'd say!

If you have any more questions... ask away in the comments!

Monday, 15 November 2010

1hundred things: TEN

Hi lovelies,
So yep, this is my last post of '100 things'. I hope you've enjoyed looking at the things i came up with because it was actually really fun - if not time consuming! So here are the last ten...

Hope you all liked... now you've seen 100, yes 100 things that make me happy :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Grey/Silver Smokey eye

hello lovelies,
okay so i'm really happy to be doing this post... you've probably seen me mention that i'm really eager to do some picture tutorials. i've sort of got the knack of my camera settings now so that you can actually see things, lol! so yeah, i'm going to show you my 'go-to' smokey eye which is in this EOTD. lets get on with it :)...

Place a medium grey/silver all over the lid to just above the crease

push a darker grey/silver into the lashline

blend the darker shade up into the lid colour

apply a grey-brown onto the crease and almost up to the brow bone

use a matte black on the outer v and wing it out

blend the black out softly, not pressing to hard or it will dissappear

using an angled brush, push the same black onto the lashline

this is how your eyes should look so far :)...

line the waterline with a black eyeliner pencil and smudge it out slightly

using the lid colour, apply beneath the black eyeliner with an angled brush

curl your lashes and coat top and bottom lashes with mascara

so there we go! my first picture tutorial :D i hope this was helpful/interesting to some of you, at least lol. please leave me some feedback... did you like this post? did you not? any tips or requests? leave down below :)