Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fail-safe French

Recently, I've been struggling to decide what colour I should wear on my nails, a big problem in a girl's life, right? I think it's because where I live, it's been quite sunny but the temperatures have still been freezing cold. So the sun makes me want to lacquer my nails with bright turquoise and yellows but the chill makes me want to hold on to my Models Own Concrete Mixer or deep berry shades. The answer?

French tips! It's been ages since I've donned a French manicure and I forgot how much I loved it. It makes you feel so elegant and chic. I did it myself at a fraction of the price you would pay at a salon. I used three really, really cheap products but it lasted a good 5 days without any chips at all!

For the base I used 'Carribean Coconut', a peachy nude shade from the All About Nails range that can be found at Tesco's for a tiny 99p! I used three coats of this although you could probably just use two. It was quite streaky on the first coat but I think that's true of any pale/pastel colour no matter what the brand. I then used the Collection 2000 Manicure in French White on the tips. This can be found in most drugstores for £2.99. I then used the Elf clear nail polish as a topcoat and voila!

What nail polish(es) do you always fallback on when you don't know what to wear?


  1. This looks so gorgeous, I love french manicured nails :) xx

  2. It looks really pretty!

  3. How did you get the white tips so straight?! I really struggle to do that! xx

  4. French manicured nails are always very chic and smart. They look really good.

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