Friday, 17 February 2012

I shopped!

Primark Striped Skater dress, £10.00
This doesn't look like much on the hanger, and it didn't in the shop either. But I was on a hunt for a dress for a night out and I already had an armful of things to try on, so I thought I might as well. It fits like an absolute dream! It's so flattering and is possibly one of my favourite dresses. For a tenner is was such a bargain.

H&M Little White Tee t-shirt, £7.99
I just think this is mega cute and casual and so easy to just chuck over some jeans - with shorts in the summer. H&M never fails for great basics.

H&M Knit cardigan, £14.99
Again, doesn't look amazing on the hanger but falls so nicely on the body. I really love this waffle sort of knit... not something you see all the time. It's a really nice light beige/taupey colour with I think will look amazing in Spring/Summer.

New Look Colour Block Purse, £14.99
My purse is falling apart and I was in need of a new one. Problem is, I am so fussy with purses, the layout has to be perfect. I love the layout of the inside of this and I think it's classic looking and I won't get bored of it. It's really soft too! I think the clasp ruins it a bit though and I thought this was quite pricey for a bog standard purse??

New Look Coral Pleat dress (AX Paris), £25.99
I mentioned earlier that I was on the hunt for a new dress for a night out, and this was the winner! My work's Christmas party was at the end of January (I know, I know... Christmas??). But this is what I wore and I loved it. The coral colour is ahhhmazing.

Topshop Leigh Super Soft Skinny jeans, £38.00
I finally caved in and bought some Leigh jeans from Topshop. I'd been umming and ahhing over them for a while, they get rave reviews so I decided to try them on. I can confirm that they are superrr comfortable and are very tight (not too tight on the waist though). They don't go baggy around the news after a few wears and I haven't seen any fading, *yet*. Definitely want more colours now :/

Topshop Crochet Striped vest, £16.00
This is going to be so great for the summer, I love the crochet. It's very sheer though, but I think in the Summer you can easily get away with it. Have my eye on the coral coloured one as well!

Topshop Cross t-shirt, £22.00
To be honest, I love over sized, motif tee's so this really fit the bill. I got mine in a M but it is really big, so I'd recommend going down a size - I think I'm going to go an exchange it. Love it for casual wear.

Topshop Slouchy jumpers, £26.00 each
I tried both of these colours on and I just couldn't decide between the two - so with some encouragement from my friend Jess (never going shopping with that girl), I bought both. They look really good on, I think the grey is my favourite because I love the speckling. These are really thin so don't get them expecting a nice cosy, warm winter jumper. But this means it will carry you through into Spring/Summer too! This is how I justified it anyway haha.

So that's my monster haul! Makes me feel a bit ill looking at it all together lol. But I didn't go out and do all this shopping in a week or two - it's actually all been collected since Christmas.


  1. Topshop has some gorgeous stuff at the moment, and I was contemplating buying one of those jumpers yesterday, but I couldn't justify spending £26 alongside a £32 skirt!! x

  2. I love your mega hauls. You're the culprit for finding nice things and then inspiring me to go out and buy similar things haha! xx

  3. love the striped dress & topshop jumpers! Kate x

  4. This is a fab haul, i honestly love everything you bought.
    I am totally getting the "Little white tee" its super cute and i adore the Topshop Slouchy jumpers think i might go on the hunt for that grey one.

    Fab post! FOLLOWED!!

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  5. The H&M knitted cardigan looks gorgeous! I want one! Great buys :) I've also got the grey slouchy jumper from Topshop, been wearing it loads recently! x

  6. omg lusting after everything you've bought!!!
    what an amazing shop! xxxx

  7. I actually love that striped skater dress, might have to hunt it down next time I am in Primark! I fall in love with all items of clothing that have crosses on them, too haha :) Some lovely buys!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  8. Wow i love the striped dress and white tee and also your topshop bits. Fab buys x

  9. my favourite has to be the stripy dress, so so pretty!

  10. Lovely stuff! I love the purse & I love my topshop leigh jeans! I want to buy the bright aqua blue ones next! XO

  11. You got some great buys there!I'm on the lookout for a new purse too but I just can't bring myself to spend upwards of £12-13 for the ones I really like :(

  12. Fab buys, I want them all :D x

  13. Nice purchases! I love the knit cardi you got out of everything :) x

  14. Fab buys! I love the knits :-) xx


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