Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Max Factor Xperience foundation

I've had this foundation for yonks now and it's just on it's last legs so I thought I'd finally get round to reviewing it. Let me just start by saying this is the completely wrong shade for me - it's too pale and far too pink toned. The Xperience range from Max Factor have an amazing colour range for you pale ladies! Nothing for darker skins though which is a shame, why are there no drugstore brands that have the whole spectrum??

*Why this swatch looks like the perfect match, I have no idea. ANYONE WANT TO GET ME A NEW CAMERA PLZ?

I'm gonna start by saying this is the nicest feeling foundation on my skin I have ever used. They market it as being 'weightless' and it literally is... it doesn't feel like you have anything on your skin at all, not even as thick as a moisturiser which means it's runny in consistency. It blends perfectly and is effortless to apply. Now I'm someone who loves a good medium-full coverage foundation and I'd say this is medium coverage. Isn't going to cover everything but hey, what is concealer for? Because it's so lightweight you can apply another layer and build it up to full coverage if you so wish. The only place this foundation falls down for me is oil control. It says that it's oil free, and that may be the case but it doesn't stop any oil from collecting on my skin (how gross does that sound?). It has a semi-matte finish, and lasts on the skin reasonably well (around 8hrs when powdered, for me).

I think this foundation would be ideal for dry/normal skins, and is a great one for oily skins as well - it just requires more effort. It retails for £9.99 in Boots.


  1. I have used this foundation is the past and i have never found another that has felt as soft as this one.

    I just loved the way it looked on my skin.

    great post.x


  2. The Max Factor foundations are the only highstreet ones that don't look orange on me!
    It's annoying yet good at the same time, same as looking for darker foundations as there's always such a limited range of colours; pale orange ---- tan.
    I love Max Factor's Smooth Effect, and once I've used up my two bottles, I'm definitely buying this one :) x

  3. This is the foundation I'm currently using and have re-purchased over and over again. I'm super pale, so the colour match is perfect for me. I agree about the so called "oil free"! It has a very dewy finish unless powdered, but other than that, I love it. It's one of the only foundations that doesn't break me out!

    Lovely review :] X

  4. Thanks for commenting girlies. I'm glad you enjoyed/found this post useful :) xo


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