Monday, 23 November 2009

First blog! :O

Well, I started to think about doing a blog a few weeks back... as I love reading them, and I love beauty products! I'm contstantly searching for those 'holy grail' products, and I love it when someone shares their's with me. So I thought I'd make this blog to share my treasures, and my regret buys with you lovlies!

This will mainly be drug store based products, with a few high ends thrown in. Lots of hauls (i hope) and my random thoughts, diaryesque entries and wishlists!!

Enjoy guys, I hope I'm welcome :)
Natalieslove x


  1. Hello! I'm sort of new too! Welcome to the blogging world!

  2. hi! i'm starting my blog too! check me out! :)

  3. thanks for being my first follower patukii :D i have returned the favour!

  4. It's a pleasure!
    Hopefully, We will have a lot of followers very soon... haha


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