Wednesday, 25 November 2009

TAG: 8 most worn things

Okay so I thought I'd do this tag - I wasn't actually tagged, but hey, it seems like a fun one to do! I tag everyone else, show us your most worn! Oh & sorry for the terrible lighting - it's such a gloomy day! :(
#1 Most worn lipstick/lipgloss
Yup, this is the infamous GOSH Darling, 134.
Highly reccommend for a nude lip,
I find it looks best just dabbed on because it has a tendency to look cakey.
It would've been MAC's Plink but I've lost it!! *sob*
#2 Most worn earrings
So on the left we've got some big simple pearl earrings.
These came in a pack of around 6 for £1.50 - thank you Primark!!
On the right are some cute silver ones from H&M,
I love H&M jewellery and I think these were about £3.

#3 Most worn shirt
Okay so I don't have a most worn shirt.
But I do wear cardigans... alot. This is an oversize grey one for casual looks...
It was my mums (which is why its oversized) so I don't know where it's from.
I love the 'boyfriend' look.

#4 Most worn nail polish

At the top is a gorgeous emerald green colour,
from the Rimmel London 60 seconds range; 'green with envy'
But as it's Autumn now I thought I needed a change.
So lately I've been wearing GOSH's 'wild lilac',
it's a beautiful lavender/lilac colour.

#5 Most worn shoesIt's getting so cold now and my poor feet just stand dolly's any longer,
So I've been wearing these black ankle boots with a buckle detail.
They're from for £25 (available in tan too).

#6 Most worn hair product

I'm not a big hair product fanatic but these two are essential to me.
Batiste diva smells delish and is great when my hair need refreshing.
Heat protectant is important to me because my hair is subject to it ALL the time.
I just got this one from Avon, it smells good and it does the job fine.

#7 Most worn perfume

I love, love, love Chanel Chance...
But I've run out and I just don't have Chanel money atm haha!
Nina Ricci is a gorgeous scent as has good staying power!
The bottle is super cute too!

#8 Most worn handbag

With college and everything I need a multi-tasking bag.
This one is big enough to but all my college stuff in,
but it can take me through to the evening.
I got it from accessorize for £28 (i think), and it's a thumbs up from me!



  1. Hello Natalie, how are you?
    Nice "most worns" =) I LOVE the look of Gosh Darling, I wish I could get it! And I have a similar pair of booties!
    Great blog, the posts you've done up to now have picked my interest, and I'm following! Come visit me at my blog, I think you'll like it =)

  2. Oops I wrote picked instead of piked...whatever. Sometimes I confuse my english =/

  3. Hello, I'm good, and you?
    Aw thank you, I'm glad you have liked my posts so far, I'm new to this whole blogging thing!! Thank you so, so much for following, I really am thankful, and I have started following you also :)

    Oh and if I find a different lipstick that looks like GOSH's darling, you'll be the first to know!

  4. helllooo ..... good blog ... think i may have to sneakily copy it hee hee ...i'll tag you in it tho! <3 I totally agree with the hair products .... i love dry shampoo ... who ever invented it needs an award haha! the heat protectant is ok to, there's some good hidden gem's in avon!!

    Thanks for following me ..

    x <3 x

  5. Oh I know, dry shampoo is a saviour! Planning on getting the new brunette one, sounds like a fab idea. Thanks for following :D x


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