Thursday, 26 November 2009

Style Crushes

There's always those girls who 'have it all'... shiny locks, rockin' bod and an enviable wardrobe! Don't you just hate them ;) haha.
Here are 6 of the girls i consider to have it all. Say hello to my style crushes!

#1 Lauren ConradI adore this girl. For those of you who didn't watch The Hills, you probably already know who Lauren Conrad is, if you don't, she starred in the hit reality series and stole my heart! I would actually kill for her wardrobe! Her casual looks right through to her red carpet looks, I just find simply stunning. There's a touch of simplicity to everything she wears. Aah and her collection of Chanel bags! Jealous. She is positively my number one style crush.

#2 Kim Kardashian

It's got to be Kim! Her skin is flawless, her make up is always perfect and she never has a hair out of place. Oh to be a Kardashian - they were obviously blessed with a goddess gene! I love the way she mixes up her style, but most of all how she makes it look so effortless! She could wear a bin bag and still look great! I especially love the playsuit, so cute! The last picture is also stunning, the red lip brings the 'pop' of colour this monochrome outfit needs.

#3 Rachel BilsonRachel Bilson is a popular choice as a style crush, and you can see why! She's come so far since her teenage days at The OC. Even in the winter she brings an edge to an outfit. Check out those green Ray-Bans in the last image!

#4 Cheryl Cole
Ever since becoming an X-Factor judge she's seem to have gained a fashionista status, and too right! Let's be honest though, with long flowing hair, a gorgeous face and golden limbs like that, who cares what you're wearing!! Cheryl always looks preened and lately she's been funking up her style, I love it! I'm glued to X-Factor purely to see what Cheryl will be wearing on the night! Okay... maybe not, I'm slightly addicted to Danyl Johnson this series too <3

#5 Sienna Miller

Sienna's style is just amazing. She floats from girly and cutesy to edgy and fashion forward. I love the cute cami and short waistcoat combo in the last picture but I think the green sequin dress she wore on the red carpet is a complete show stopper! Perfect for all the Christmas parties coming up. I'd love a dress like this is anyone could recommend somewhere??

Who are your top 5 style crushes? I'd love to know :)


  1. Great post I love LC the Hills isnt the same without her thou :( Kim's fab too she always looks soo polished welcome to the blogging world btw xoxo

  2. Thank you for making me welcome :) x

  3. Great post, all the ladies you've choosen are so stylish, I wish I had their wardrobe x

  4. i love them all! minus sienna, i just dont understand her style. x


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