Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Oldie but goodie

This is a 'tag' type thing that Kelanjo19 has started - deffinitley go and check her out, she is awesome!! So basically these are just your faithful products that you always go back to, and know you can rely on. You know the ones! ;) So get sharing!!

So here we've got...
moistur-licious coconut & shea body lotion. i love, love, love this stuff! the smell is incredible, its true... it smells good enough to eat!! you can get this body lotion from tesco. i'm not 100% on the price but i'd say it's under £4 (don't quote me on that, haha!) i always find myself reaching for this... as well as the body shop body butters, i just didn't have one to hand. i love the shea butter, strawberry, satsuma and cranberry ones.
st ives apricot scrub blemish fighting. this really helps me out when i've got breakouts coming everywhere! i live by this product and i seriously don't think i'll ever be without it! i must've gone through at least 6 of these!! try it out, deffinitley. you can get it from a range of shops (drug stores, supermarkets etc.) and is on offer quite frequently!
johnsons baby wipes. no matter how many different make up wipes and removers i try, i always find myself going back to these bad boys! if they're good enough for a babys bum they're good enough for my face, right? haha. no but seriously i find my make-up glides off with these, they're cheap and gentlye enough for my eyes. ultimate essential!

pantene pro-v repair and protect conditioner. i find that nothing conditions my hair like good old pantene. it is so reliable, and smells great too. which is always a bonus! it replenishes my hair beautifully and leaves a 'mirror' shine. i've also heard dita von tese is a fan!
maybelline colossal volum' express mascara. this is pretty much my 'holy grail' mascara. it seperates my lashes, makes them look full and much longer! a must for glam lashes!
mac 187 stipling brush. i use this to apply my foundation, and i've never used anything better! i've tried using sponges (but they waste too much product), i've tried using foundation brushes (but i feel like the foundation just sits on the skin looking cakey) and i've tried fingers (i just don't like this). this brush buffs the foundation in, it gives a flawless 'airbrushed' finished and brilliant coverage. once of the pricier mac brushes but deffinitely a worthwhile buy.

sleek makeup palette in original. the colours here are beautiful, i'm sorry that the picture just doesn't do it justice. even if you forget to primae your lids, these shadows last throughout the day. if i'm in a rush, or on the go or not too fussed with eye make up for that day, this is my 'go-to' palette. so highly pigmented as i'm sure you all no and beautiful, beautiful colours... i can't stress that enough.
carmex. now, chapped lips are not a cute look. unfortunately i suffer with chapped lips... i've tried pretty much every brand. carmex just does it for me and i love the tingly feeling you get. works brilliant under lipsticks too!


  1. oooo i agree with the baby wipes but i use Simple wipes instead, there perfect for removing ALL my make-up!

    Ive read so much about these sleek palettes but havent got my hands on any yet ... will have to try them ... prob wait now till after xmas tho lol!

    Great blog ... Im gonan do one too, but
    i'll link you in it!

    x <3 x

  2. yeah you defs need to get a sleek palette! they've just come out with some more BEAUTIFUL ones :) get yourself a christmas pressie! ;)

  3. how many times a week do you use st ives scrub? im so lost as what to do with mine! ive been using it 3 times a week, dont want to do anymore cos i dont want to ruin my skin to work out how many times is best for me! x

  4. @Lorien - Hmm I'm never really sure either. I usually use mine the same ammount as you do - 3 times a week. A lot of people say it's too harsh on your skin. I think it's just whatever works, I think that 3 times a week is enough :) xoxo


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