Friday, 27 November 2009


Haha so this is a play on 'LBD' (little black dress)... LBP = little black package. I'd just got in from college yesterday when a wonderful man bearing goodies turned up at the door, and yes it was a LBP. We all know what comes in black packages! MAC!! I only got a couple things as it's coming up to Christmas and there are still presents to get. But hey, I thought I needed a little pressie too!

Never has a box filled me with so much happiness! :D

I repurchased Peachykeen powder blush. I love this colour (hence my display name)! Although this colour does work better with a tan as it's quite pink, I just like to have it around like an old friend, lol! It was my first ever MAC purchase and that's something special ;) There are golden shimmers, that aren't overdone like some others, which are beautiful. (Oh and that's my cats paw you can seen, she wanted to say hello!)

This picture doesn't really represent the true colour... it's like a playboy pink. Gorgeous! It's a cremesheen in Creme Cup. Super cute name, right? I love cremesheens, i find they glide on so nicely and stay put for ages! Lipstick has become a big love recently... my boyf isn't too impressed! Lol, they just don't understand.

These are the swatches. On the left is Peachykeen blush and on the right, Creme Cup lipstick.

Show us your MAC buys!


  1. Very pretty LBP! I have both these items, and love them! Peachykeen works really well on me, and I'm really pale. With a light touch, it gives a lovely flush.

  2. I bought these two colours together in a MAC order. Creme cup is my favourite MAC lipstick =) lovely blog btw xx

  3. Thanks guys, I know... I LOVE Creme Cup, I think it could well be my new fav! Lol x


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