Monday, 19 September 2011

Little Peace Of Me

Hello lovelies,
Long time no see, I know! Sorry about that, I've been lacking inspiration in all honesty - I've been pretty busy as well but anyways... I felt compelled to blog, so I thought I'd share with you a lipstick that I've been loving recently.

So the lipstick that I'm talking about is the shade 'Peace' from the Boots 17 Mirror Shine range. This range of lipsticks have featured on my blog numerous times, and no doubt you've heard about them on other blogs and Youtube channels. And I promise you it's not just all hype, they are honestly such gorgeous lipsticks. They are so moisturising and glide on beautifully - with no need for a gloss. They are quite sheer, so the pigmentation is amazing but the formula is so great, it's hard not to love them.

This shade, in the tube is a neon and I'm not exaggerating when I say neon, orange/peach/coral/pink. That was helpful right? Haha. But like I said, they're quite sheer lipsticks so do not expect it to apply on the lips the same colour as the in the tube, because it is really quite different...

This is such a hard colour to photograph so I apologise, but definitely go and swatch it on the back of your hand... it's a 'bright' lipstick without being so in your face, quite subtle without being a boring and safe pinky/peachy/nude colour. Really enjoy wearing this lipstick :)

You can pick up these lipsticks for £4.59 in Boots. If you want to see swatches/post on another shade from the range you can find it here :)

What is your lipstick love right now?


  1. This colour looks gorgeous. It seems to have a mixture of coral and pink undertones. Lovely post! xx

  2. I've always loved "belle" by 17, but this looks gorgeous so it might find its way into my basket next time i'm in boots ;-) x

  3. I love "Beehive" but always thought this looked too bright for what I normally wear but on your lips it looks gorgeous! xx

  4. It looks so natural on you! It's a shame this brand is not available in Canada ):

  5. Definately need to pick a few of these up! everyone seems to rave about 'beehive' but this corally colour is lovely! :) x

  6. This formula in beehive is my favourite daytime lippie!

    But I actually have this one and it looks great on nights out :)


  7. i love this! i have beehive and i love it too, might try this one out :)

  8. i have this one in belle and i absolutely love this lipstick but this color is even prettier.

  9. Ooh what a gorgeous colour! I love the formula of these lipsticks so I'll have to go and have a look at this shade! xoxo

  10. That's a gorgeous colour for daytime :) I waaaant itttt! I LOVE my Beehive lipstick from 17 ♥

    xxx Kat

  11. this colour is gorgeous, just like you! <3

  12. @Tamsin - Yes! It's the perfect mix of pink and coral :) Thank you, I'm glad you liked it

    @Jen - Aah, I love Belle as well, great everyday colour :)

    @Charlotte - My Beehive is almost running out :( no doubt going to repurchase :) Thanks!

    @Gaby - Ah no :( I hate when I recommend things that some people can't get... it's lame, lol

    @Victoria - :)

    @Lily - If you haven't tried them out I 100% recommend them, Beehive is another really amazing colour

    @Rachel - Love Beehive and love wearing this on nights out!

    @Essie - You should!

    @Benish - I love Belle as well, you should pick this one up as well.. so worth it!

    @Jennie - The formulation is so amazing <3 loveee it

    @HelloKittyx94 - Beehive seems to be like a winner with everyone! Haha

    @Sophie - Aw thank you so much sweets <3



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