Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Project 10 Pan: 8 down!

Hello everyone :)
So this morning I woke up and finished the 8th product of project 10 pan, so it looks like I'm finally coming to the end! It has been very difficult not to cave in and buy any other products because I've wanted so many, and apart from that little Elf haul blip, I think I've been really good! Okay, so I basically failed... but I couldn't pass up the chance of a 50% off sale on a company that are already so cheap!

So the product I finished up today was The Body Shop's Peach Body Butter. Now I realise this isn't a make-up item, but it's cosmetic right? It's not a necessity. It counts, yes? :)

So this is in the scent Peach which they claim to be for all skin types. I think this may be my favourite scent, it is so fresh and not too heavy - couldn't see it clashing with any perfumes/deodorants. But then again I also love the Coconut, Almond, Brazil Nut and Mango ones!

I'm always banging on about how oily my skin is, but my legs? Whole different kettle of fish. They're so dry - probably something to with the fact they regularly have a sharp metal blade pulled across the skin in an attempt to have 'Veet advert' worthy pins. So moisturising them after a shower/before I go bed/in the morning is needed.

Generally, all of The Body Shop body butters are quite thick, which makes them very hydrating. The scent lingers all day on me which is why I really do love these so much. Moisturisation? (is that even a word? NB: spell check tells me no) Well, they moisturise my legs just as well as any other body moisturiser I've ever used, so in that department it's not outstanding. However, it does leave a really lovely sheen/glow on the skin which is beautiful on a night out. But, I do find that it doesn't sink in particularly quickly, and I feel as though it leaves a bit of a greasy film.

I'm just gonna throw it out there... I think TBS Body Butters are overpriced. Yes, they smell good enough to eat and sure, they moisturise fairly well. But £12.50? Meh, I could go with out. I usually only buy these body butters when they're on some sort of offer - which to be fair, they always seem to be. So if you feel like a bit of a splurge, a little slice of luxury then I think you'd enjoy these. Something about them is so addictive and inticing!

*Currently on buy one, second one 50% off, Body Shop Wesbite*

What do you think of The Body Shop Body Butters? What Body Butter is your ultimate favourite?


  1. I would say it counts. Its great you are down 8 already. I didn't even finish one before I completely gave up. I love my coconut body butter from The Body Shoppe but I am always looking for a cheaper alternative.

  2. Wow, you're doing so good - nearly there!

  3. Wow great job!! Using up products feels so good :) x

  4. So impressed. Limits just make me want to buy things more. But I have gone over a month without buying any makeup now! I'm proud :).

  5. it would have been rude to refuse elf's 50% off offer, I stocked up on all my fave brushes. My hero body butter is a Soap and Glory one from their spa range in the blue packaging, really thick and great for dry skin areas, smells delicious and sinks in not too bad given it's thick consistency x

  6. i love the smell of the satsuma one, but youre right, definitely overpriced! i managed to get mine on ebay for £7 or something, ubt it'll just be a one off!

    ohh elf's deals should never be passed upon, they're just too good!

  7. I never ever ever ever buy the body butters full price. I always wait until there is a 50% off code on the website (they are always floating around) and then stock up! I have like 6 now, I love them :) xxx

  8. I'm gutted I missed this one; I love peach scents! I'm with you on loving the Mango and Coconut! Ooh and the lemon is my fave -I finished it in a month! (50mls though) x

  9. Yey for empty! I will really have to try those The Body Shop body butters someday when my budget will not be as tight!


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