Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stuck in the middle

Hello my loves,
I tried out something a little bit different with my hair today... for about 5+ years now I've had pretty much the same hairstyle - just varying in lengths. The standard layered hair with a sidesweeping fringe. I don't think I've had a middle parting since I was about 10?! But numerous celebs rock it, and looking amazing...


Couldn't mention middle partings and not include the Kardashian sisters, right? Anyways, after getting my hair to co-operate (was obviously very confused about the change in direction) I managed a middle part. And I don't think it looked to shabby... thought my face looked very odd at first but it's grown on me, think I might don it more often :)

Was obviously feeling brave/experimental today because I also whacked on a red lip! The lipstick is Hero by NYX which you can see in this haul here :)

Are you a fan of the middle part?


  1. I have a full fringe and sometimes when it needs cutting but i'm to lazy, I pin it back. My face looks weird as i'm not used to seeing my forehead so I know how you feel.
    A middle parting looks nice on you :) it's nice to change every now and then


  2. A middle parting looks great on you! I think it helps that you're gorgeous and have lovely hair too though. I remember hearing once that you should only have a centre parting if your face is symmetrical, maybe that's why I can't pull one off lol :\ xx

  3. It looks lovely on you :) I've had a centre partng again since about a month before it became 'fashionable' again ahah! Today I've changed it to a side parting as I've gotten a bit bored though x

  4. I really like this style on you. I've tried to do this but my hair just wont co-operate! xx

  5. Ah you look lovely :) i've also been rocking the centre parting lately as my side fring isn't a side fringe anymore! X

  6. A middle parting really suits you! :) x

  7. Loving the red lip babe, I may rock one tonight!

  8. You are stunning! Hair is fab and the lipstick is a great colour on you x

  9. Loving this post and the middle part!!

    XO Chloé

  10. @Laura - Yeah I think that's exactly what it is, just nice to have a change :)

    @Sarah - Thank you hun :) my face is far from symetrical though!

    @Jenny - Thank you :D Yeah I get bored so easily, I'll probably just keep swtiching it up!

    @Jo - Thank you so much, I had to blow dry it into place otherwise it just would'nt have had any of it!

    @Corrie - And it looks lovely! It gets so awkward to style when the fringe is growing out

    @Curves ahead makeup + Emily - Thank you!

    @Rachel - Got to love a red lip!

    @Ele - Aw thats really sweet thank you :)

    @Chloe - Thank youuu <3


  11. Your hair looks lovely like that! Pretty lipstick too!

  12. Oh this looks lovely, you suit a middle parting - good going!!!!!!!! The red lip really makes a statement, I wish I was brave enough to give it a go.

    There are so many things you can do with the centre part, can't wait to see the hairstyles!!

    Katie x


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