Saturday, 6 August 2011

What I Bought: Elf 50% Off

Hey everyone,
So of course, like everyone I took full advantage of the 50% off sale that Elf were having - how amazing is that deal?! It's one of my favourite brands but I pretty much bought lots of boring stuff, like essentials, but I thought I would share what I got with you all anyway :)

Flawless Finish Foundation L: Porcelain R: Sand
Originally £6.50, Bought for £3.25
Love the packaging of these, feels so expensive. I bought 2 different shades because the Elf website SUCKS for swatches, so I figured if I bought 2 I could always mix them. I think Porcelain is far too pale and Sand is just right.

Mineral Infused Face Primer
Originally £6.00, Bought for £3.00
Had my eye on this for absolutely ever. I've heard it's really similar to the GOSH Velvet Touch and I loved that so I thought this might be a good alternative!

3 Pack Shiner Eraser Set
Originally £3.50, Bought for £1.75
I've never actually used blotting sheets *shock horror* and I do hate the idea of putting on powder over oil, and I'm very oil. So I thought I'd try these because you get three different types: Green Tea, Tea Tree and Aloe.

Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
Originally £1.50, Bought for £0.75
I told you I bought some boring things! I've tried the Elf Brow Treat & Tame from the Studio line but the tame side has a colour and is just too red toned for my brows.

L: Innocent, Originally £1.00 bought for £0.50
R: Clear, Originally £1.50 bought for £0.75
Innocent is a really pale pink which is a shade I've been looking for for a while, will be great for work. Also just ordered the Clear one because I've run out of base coat/top coat and I thought I'd see how well a plain clear nail polish would work.

Single Eyeshadow 'Pebble' Originally £3.50, Bought for £1.75
Can see me getting a whole lot of use out of this eyeshadow! Beautiful neutral brown :)

Mineral Blush 'Joy; Originally £3.50, Bought for £1.75
I've heard a lot about this shade and it is a really pretty colour. I have one of the other mineral blushes and it is honestly one of my all time favourites!

Did you take advantage of the 50% off? What did you buy?


  1. I wish I did take advantage of the code but that would just encourage more spending ;) xxx

  2. I took advantage of the sale! Going through a bit of an ELF obsession phase - I feel like I need to try EVERYTHING just because its so cheap!

    xxx Kat

  3. oh please review the foundation!

  4. I'd bought items with 25% off a few days before this code came out so I was pretty gutted! I've got the new foundation though too so excited to try it out :) xxx

  5. oh i didnt know about the 3 Pack Shiner Eraser Set definitely getting my hands on them next coupon code! xo

  6. I love pebble, such a gorgeous eyeshadow! I bought some goodies too and working on a post x

  7. I was so close to just putting the whole of E.L.F in my shopping basket when they were doing 50% off.

    Are they really great? I bought one or two products before and wasn't too impressed... I guess it's all touch and go with what you buy! I think I'll definitely go there for basics though, especially when they do 50% off!

  8. Ohh! I wish I had put in an ELF order!
    I really want to try their Kabuki brush, mine shreds like i don;t know what!
    Great haul! xx

  9. i missed the 50% off :-(
    the foundation is on my august wish list!
    let me know how you get on with it x

  10. Love all of your purchases, Pebble looks lovely xx


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