Friday, 8 October 2010

Say hello...

to this furry little fella...

this is my new little hamster - me and my boyfriend named him after a footballer that we love. so say hello to cesc! if I'm honest he was a bit of an impulse buy... i saw him and was just so cute i knew i had to have him. he is having to stay at my boyfriend's though because my kitty would definitely work out a way to get the cage open!

he's a chinese dwarf hamster and at the moment he's still a bit shy. he loves being stroked but doesn't like being picked up all for now. had to share him with you guys because he's just so adorable. talking of adorable, i have to show you these chinchillas that we saw...


oh and am i the only one that is hating the new blogger dashboard layout?? i have to go into google reader to see all the posts, rather than just the latest 10 or whatever. am i the only one experiencing this?


  1. How cute ^-^ I did have a hamster, but they're not the most affectionate pets to me :/

  2. aw he's so cute, and i'm lovin' the name choice. i've been hit by a new strange layout too x

  3. aw Hello cesc
    he so cute , but I love cats more lol

    please check out my blog

  4. Hey this is sooo cute.Have fun little sweetie!

  5. cesc fabregas by any chance? if so, great great name choice :D
    he is sooo adorable! wish i had one!

  6. @c - thats so true. he doens't really like being picked up atm lol, he likes to thank you with a bit of the old 'pee on the hand'!

    @emma - hmm, thank god its over now though!

    im really feeling the love for him hehe! xoxo

  7. ahh bless, so cute! They are funny little things, does he have a wheel??

    Love your blog, please take a look at mine, been blogging for a month now so still new to the game :-)

    ♥ Becky ♥

  8. aww cesc<3, a fellow arsenal supporter(;,xxx


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