Thursday, 26 May 2011

Alphabet tag

Hello loves,
Haven't done a Tag post in yonks and there's been one floating around blogsphere for a while and I couldn't help myself!

Age: Eighteen     Bed size: Double
Chores you hate: I adore the feeling of clean sheets but I hate putting them on!
Dogs: Golden retrievers are my fave, they're so loyal

Essential Start to your day: Glass of OJ with ice, but I'd love pancakes everyday
Favourite colour: Think it would have to be purple
Gold or Silver: I usually gravitate towards silver if we're talking jewellery
Height: I'm 5ft 4.5 the .5 is essential ;)
Instruments I play: I don't :( would love to play the drums though
Job Title: Student I suppose? Ha! I'm waiting for a response for an interview at the mo :)
Kids: Ever since I was little I've always known I want children, I think I was born to be a Mummy!
Live: I live in the South East of England in Brighton, I don't think I could ever leave!

Mum's Name: Christine  Nickname: Nat
One wish: That I get through these exams with good results! The feeling when i failed last year was gutting :(
Pet Peeve: People that don't say please or thank you! Manners are really important to me...
Quote from a Movie: Superbad never fails to make me laugh, it's epic
Right or Left handed: Right handed
Siblings: I have 2 sisters and 1 brother, all older than me with children :) 7 nieces and nephews!
Time you wake up: My alarm goes off at 6.30am but I get up at 7am
Underwear: I love really girly and cute underwear :) When I'm matching it always makes me feel good, lol
Vegetables you dislike: I like all veggies! I detest olives though, are they a vegetable?
What makes you run late: I always run late! Only by 10/15 minutes but I don't know how it happens...
X-Rays you've had done: Only on my teeth before I had braces
Yummy food you make: The boy says I make a cracking fry up ;) And my daddy loves my biscotti with a coffee
Zoo Animals: Cats in general are my faves; tigers, lions leopards etc. But I think giraffes are extremely cute <3
Sorry for all the pictures, but look! Golden retriever and a giraffe together, I was destined to do this tag ;) Haha. All pictures I used are from weheartit, sorry I can't source them individually. But if any photo's belong to you I will take them down/credit them upon request :)


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