Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My week in photographs

Hello lovelies,
Been a while since I did a 'week in pictures' style post, mainly because my life has been so boring and controlled by College I haven't been taking any pictures. Not that I can promise you these ones will be particular spectacular ;) I'm lacking beauty blogging inspiration at the moment... I'm trying to save all the money I can so I've stopped cut back on buying items that just aren't necessary. Although, saying that I have a few high end items on my wishlist so I'm trying to summon the guts to spend a lot of money on just one item. My logic is that if I stopped buying tonnes of cheap make up, I can afford to buy the occasional pricey one. Anyway, that was a ramble and a half!

So I didn't wait long to pick up June's issue of Marie Claire! If you weren't aware they're giving away the smaller 50ml body butters with this issue. Not a magazine I usually go for... but the 'freebie' sucked me in. I love TBS body butters but I think they're so overpriced. Shea butter is one of my favourites and I'm definitely going to leave this in my handbag because it's so much smaller! Other than that, I vow to finish the body butters I have sitting in my drawers!

I caved and made an order with Sigma. It literally only took a week to get here via international shipping!! How crazy is that? And I've been waiting for an H&M order for 2 months now - a whole post is coming on that badboy when it gets here! Not happy bunny with H&M online. I ordered the F82 Round Top Kabuki and the E40 Tapered Blending brushes. Really happy with them and excited to give them a whirl. Recommend Sigma til the cows come home... the two MAC brushes I owned actually broke and these brushes are synthetic so go for Sigma!

I don't think I've ever done one of these posts without throwing in some food, haha I love it! This has been my breakfast of choice for a while though - Get some of your 5-a-day in early, so it's healthy and delicious. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and natural yoghurt is a godsend. I'm still trying to loose a last little bit of weight so I'm trying to make everything healthy but not restrict myself. If I'm feeling extremely hungry I add a bit of wholemeal toast :)

I've been on a mission for a while now, to find the perfect sponge mix! Unfortunately, these are not them. These turned out to be quite gooey and heavy - but they were delicious! I didn't bother icing them (even though I've recently purchased a fancy piping bag) seeing as though they're just 'test' cupcakes lol. If any one has a perfect light and fluffy cupcake mixture then let me know!

Sorry this was a bit of a bore! I also said goodbye to my boyfriend this morning at 3.30am. He's off to Zante with his friends - for two, yes two weeks! People have been saying I'm crazy but I have exams to revise for and I have no problem with him having some 'boy time'. I think that 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' will ring true in the next few weeks. We've never really spent more than 4 days without seeing each other... so we shall see! Haha.


  1. these are my thoughts from previous baking experiences, but i'm not sure that they're entirely right: the last time I made awesomely light cupcakes I electrically whisked the mixture quite a lot, so maybe try that next time? it could turn out to be an epic fail though - so if it does soz!
    also when my mum makes cakes she always says that you should weigh the eggs then add the same weight of flour and sugar etc. (i think anyways.... it's quite early to remember!) xxxx

  2. All the food looks great!

    I'm a benefit brush girl, totally in love with their fluff eyeshadow brush, but I really want to try Sigma!

  3. The hummingbird bakery Vanilla cupcakes are the best base recipe for cupcakes i have tried! So light and fluffy and now i want cake....

    You should have a look at their book :)

  4. In love with your header and layout Natalie (: I'm trying to go by the same mindset of less impulse buys for one splurge instead haha, and it's working so far! I really liked Marie Claire this month, haven't used my body butter yet, I have about 6 to get through! Milly from Pearls and Poodles has a great cupcake sponge mix recipe, I've used it a few times (: xx

  5. Aw that breakfast looks amazing! I think that was the motivation I needed to swap my cheerios for a healthy way to kit start my day :) xo

  6. I love the Sigma F82 brush & the E40, good choices haha! I'm really wanting to buy the new Dry and Shape thing that Sigma's come out with :)
    I've been loving having berries and yoghurt, so yummy


    p.s you new header & layout is lovely

  7. I got my latest Sigma order from Sigma in 10 days while I had to cancel an H and M order from 3 months ago!!

  8. Berries and muffins looks so yummi! (:

  9. This isn't really related but I love your new header! x

  10. @Elle - Ahh okay, I will try whisking it for a while next time, thank you :) And aah, your Mum's recipe sounds interesting!

    @Rachel - Ooh I've never given Benefit brushes a go, might give it a look!

    @Fudgesmoothiesmakeup - I'm just going to look at the book on Amazon ;) Thanks for the recommendation!

    @Michelle - Aw thank you :D Haha me too, I'm always worried about them running out, but then I end up not using them, lol! Ooh yeah I might give that a try, her cupcakes always look delicious! Thanks for reminding me :)

    @Jenna Suth - Haha! <3

    @Abbie - Haha why thank you ;) Me too, I always have to prop my brushes up in some weird way haha. & Thank you.

    @Missdazed - Omg I'm having that problem with H&M at the moment!

    @Malika - They are pretty yum ;)

    @Tess - Aw thank you hun <3


  11. Hello! I love your blog posts. Cupcakes and berries -yum!


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