Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Face of the night: Acid Purple

Hey everyone,
Last night I went out for some dinner and some drinks and I took a few pictures of my make up before I headed out, so I thought I'd share it with you. I went with a really bright purple eye because I haven't worn a bright colour on my eyes in... I don't even know?! Ages ago!

Urban Decay Underland e/s (Alice BOS) up to the socket bone + lower lashline
Urban Decay Curious e/s (Alice BOS) inner corner of lid + lower lashline
Urban Decay AC/DC e/s (BOS II) outer corner of lid + lower lashline
Sleek Navy + Purple e/s (Original palette) mixed and placed in crease
Urban Decay Sellout e/s (BOS II) as highlight
Elf Black Cream eyeliner
Elf Brow kit
Lashes from Ebay
Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara

After taking these pictures I realised that the crease colour wasn't blended so well, so I took a fluffy brush through it to make it a bit more subtle. I recommend taking photo's of your make up before going out (even if you don't blog it)... it really shows imperfections and it saves you from looking at photo's the next day on Facebook and cringing! ;)

This was the 'overall' look...

Boujoirs Healthy Mix Foundation
Natural Collection Loose Powder
MAC Harmony blush as contour
MAC Well Dressed blush

17 Lipgloss, Pink Ice

I did my hair using the Babyliss Waving Wand - post to come! I actually really enjoyed wearing colour last night. I always shy away from it because I feel like I can't pull it off at all. Purple is kind of in my comfort zone... I'm thinking of going all green next time maybe. If I can brave it that is, haha!


  1. Stunning! You should be a makeup artist :)

  2. love the colour of that eyeshadow x

  3. That eyeshadow is beautiful and it really suits you, gorgeous! xx

  4. I love purple eyeshadows! This looks great.

  5. @Ashlie - Oh well I don't know about that, lol. But thank you so much :)

    @Jessica - Thanks <3

    @kirstyb - Me too, it's so vibrant! Thank you.

    @Abbie - Thanks chick! <3

    @River - They're so pretty and suit everyone, thank you!



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