Sunday, 1 May 2011

My week in photographs

Hola chicas! Y chicos?
I haven't actually taken all that many pictures this week, so it won't be as picture heavy as usual. I hate to bang on about it, but my life is ruled by revision and unless you want to see Biology/Psychology revision notes, I'm not that interesting at the moment ;)

On the Bank Holiday Monday I went for a pub lunch with my Mum, Stepdad, Boyfriend and our old nxt door neighbours. It was a lovely pub in the country located next to this river - beautiful! I had a scrummy bacon and Brie baguette (told you I love the cheese!) with a side salad. After that we went to drink cider sitting on the grass on the river bank and went for a little stroll a long it :) Perfect way to spend a bank Holiday. There seems to be a cider theme going on in these posts :/ ha!

Popped into Boots quickly whilst shopping for Wedding outfits, not for the Royals of course, lol! Finally picked up some bits I've been wanting. The mascara and concealer were both featured here in my Month's Most Wanted. Glad I got round to it! Also picked up the Natural Collection Loose Powder for a mere £1.99. I really like it! I ended up picking 'Warm Translucent' because someone had put it back in the wrong place :( I intended to get 'Neutral Translecent' but never mind!

Of course, it was the Royal Wedding! I'm not going to bang on about it because I'm sick to death of hearing about it, let a lone you guys! Kate and her sister looked breath-taking. I wasn't all that bothered about the wedding, but I did watched it and loved it. I always thought the Monarchy was a bit pointless but the event made me feel so Patriotic! I cried, obviously... it was literally a real life fairytale! Sorry I can't directly link the photo source, I found it on weheartit, let me know if it's yours!

Made a bit of a random purchase on Saturday! Sorry for the rubbish photo, sun was streaming in through the window behind! I've been looking for a new dressing table for a while. I found this really old fashioned one in a second hand store down the road and I see major potential in it! I'm going to sand it down and paint it white to fit in with my decor. Can you believe this was £30?! I'll do a before/after post to show you how it goes :) Excitement isn't the word!

Have you been enjoying your week? Tell me your highlight!


  1. That desk is amazing! I was so happy when I got a lovely old one to work at!

  2. I bought the same concealer too this week, I really like it :-), just started following your blog :-) x

  3. That deffo is a buy, I don't really have a dressing table, more a desk with lots of random things on it!
    and as for the wedding, oh pippa, oh she was hot <3

  4. Great blog, new follower! Love all your photography!


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