Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lanacane as a primer?!

Hello ladies,
It seems like I'm always doing face of the days/nights and my blog doesn't really extend much further lol, which bothers me a little. I always mean to do reviews on products, but it seems to slip my mind! But there's been a few product that I've been trying out recently... such as the one I'm about to review!

A while ago now I was reading a blog post (I have no idea which one so I apologise!) and it mentioned using 'Lanacane' as a primer. I researched it further and apparently the ingredients in Lanacane are almost identical to other silicone based primers, such as the MAC one. I didn't know how true this was but I went out and purchased it anyway - it was £6 something.

If you're not aware of what Lanacane is, or does... it is actually an anti-chafing gel. Yes I know, and I put this on my face?! It was all in the name of beauty! It's available from drugstores, supermarkets and pharmacies.

It is almost a clear gel and looks a lot like a silicone based primer. This is about the amount that I applied to my face - a little goes a long way, so used as a primer this would last a long time. The first thing I noticed is that it left my skin instantly, velvety smooth and was not greasy at all. It actually reminded me exactly of the GOH Velvet Touch face primer. To be honest, had I not of squeezed it out the tube myself, I would've been fooled into thinking it was the GOSH primer (which I've previously had twice and loved). Along with leaving my skin very soft, my foundation applied so easily and smooth.

However, unfortunately that's where it stopped impressing me. I'm pretty sure that this broke me out... nothing else in my routine had changed. I was using the same skin care and make up that I had been for a month or more. It was coming up to that time for hormonal breakouts, but I noticed a lot more blemishes that I normally would have. That's not to say that it will break everyone out though, this is just my experience. And again, it could've been hormones.

This didn't prolong my make up wear. The GOSH primer definitely did, but Lanacane didn't do anything to help my foundation stay on longer, reduce oil or look flawless all day. It actually left my foundation looking a bit patchy, especially on my cheeks. It seemed to have made my foundation sort of move around my face during the day.

Overall, I didn't like this as a primer, which is fair enough because... well, it isn't a primer. It was worth ago, but for me it didn't work at all! If you're looking for an anti-chafing gel then I'm sure this would be great! Lol. Just don't go looking for a primer in this product :)


  1. would you recommend the gosh primerr? xxx

  2. @Lauren - Yes definitely! I really enjoyed using, it lasts forever too :) I've heard it's a cheaper dupe of the Smashbox primer xoxo

  3. I get really bad eczema especially in summer when using suncream, so I put this on my inner elbow, knee or any parts of my skin with rub excessively with suncream. Its a lifesaver... not sure I would try it on my face though.


  4. @Laura Jaye - Does seem a bit gross, I'll try anything in the name of beauty ;) haha xoxo


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