Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Velcro rollers: My first experience!

Hey cuppycakes,
Probably going to get a bunch of weirdos ending up on my blog because of the title post ;) haha. They'll be disappointed! In this haul here I showed that I finally bought some rollers - Trevor Sorbie ones from Boots. I'm trying to get my hair to a much healthier state so that it grows quicker. Heat being my main enemy. So today I tried out rollers for the first time. Obviously the results aren't perfect because my hand eye co-ordination is a bit shoddy and I still need practice in putting the rollers in properly... don't laugh at my noviceness. ;)

This is me looking oh so glamorous with a full head of rollers, as you can see - this needs improvement! I put them in my hair when my hair was 80% dry and let it dry naturally when up in the rollers. I secured them with bobby pins because the velcro only holds them in place slightly. Has anyone got any tips on putting in rollers?!

These are the results I got and I'm quite pleased. I used all of the biggest rollers so there isn't much curl. I was trying to get more volume and body over curl... but next time I'll see how it looks with the smallest rollers. There will probably be more room on my head for them too, lol. Here a couple more photo's because... well, why not?

Overall, rollers are really great if you're looking for a straightish, voluminous and heat free hairstyle. I'll probably be opting for rollers a lot now. Although, for me it feels like its going to take some time to perfect. But I really recommend these Trevor Sorbie rollers. They have a variety of sizes so you can create a few different looks. Let me know what you think? :)

What is your experience with rollers? Any tips are welcome!


  1. You look great, I may look into getting rollers I need help to get volume in my hair, just writing about it now as we speak :-) x

  2. I've got some rollers but because my hair's shoulder length it goes more like a southern american 80s beauty pageant runner up!

  3. your hair looks hair is so limp and flat i wonder if this will work for me...but thanks for sharing.

  4. your hair looks great, i think you did a really good job for a complete newbie lol!
    i'm thinking of getting rollers as i straighten my hair waaayyy too often, the only problem is it's not very long so i don't know if it'll turn out as well as yours :\ only way i'll know is if i try it i guess lol xx

  5. Your hair looks pretty healthy in the pics!

    Would love to try out rollers actually.

  6. Looks GORGEOUS! Very Kate Middleton xx

  7. I love the results! I also recently purchased some huge velcro rollers so I'm looking forward to giving them a try. Your hair looks amazing!

  8. Oh my god your hair looks gorgeous(L), I love your new blog header by the way (:!xx

  9. Your hair looks lovely :)
    & your new banner is wicked x

  10. @Catherine - Thank you sweets. I'd definitely suggest rollers :) Or backcomb in a bottle if you haven't already tried it!

    @Eloise - But ahh everyone loves the 80s ;)

    @Benish - Give it a go for sure! I've also been just put 4 rollers at the crown to give volume and works a treat :)

    @Sarah - Thanks a lot :) Ooh let me know how you get on

    @River - Ahh the camera is good to me ;) haha

    @Ashlie - Ooh it is isn't it?! I didn't even realise :D

    @Erica - Thank you, it's pretty frazzled though! Poor thing, lol

    @Holly - Thank you and thank you Holly <3

    @Jens - Thanks so much :D


  11. your hair looks so lovely! it looks really healthy too :) xx

  12. your hair looks absolutely lovely! will definitely be investing in some rollers!

  13. That looks amazing! So voluminous x

  14. @Shanice - Aw thank you, I think the flash was just hiding the split ends!

    @Victoria - Thanks hun! Let me know how you get on with the rollers :)

    @Abbie - Thank you :D I think this is my new secret weapon for volume ;)



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