Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Small NYX Cosmetics Haul

Hello lovelies,
I placed an order on Cherry Culture a little while ago, which is where I get my NYX products from. Be aware though that delivery is a slight bit more expensive because it's an American website, but it's justified because NYX make up is so afforable! My parcel was delivered in about 8-10 days, which is amazing considering the problem I had with H&M -_- lol. So here's what I got...

Concealer in a Jar 'Light' - $4.25/£2.59
My favourite concealer ever is probably MAC's Studio Finish, it has amazing coverage and is really creamy. Dulce Candy always uses this concealer and raves about it, recommending it over MAC. And seeing as though it's a very small fraction of the price compared to MAC Studio Finish I thought I may as well give it a try! Review to come probably :)

Cream Blusher 'Boho Chic (L)' and 'Natural (R)', $4.75/£2.89 each
No your eyes are not deceiving you... in the pan both of these blushes look very similar. However, on the skin you can see that 'Natural' has much more peachy/coral tones. I've been wanting to try cream blushers for a while... but as I have oily skin I didn't want to take the plunge and get the MAC/NARS one I had been eyeing up so I thought these would be a great start. They look like they would make gorgeous lip colours too!

Round lipstick 'Eros (L)' and 'Hero (R)', $1.99/£1.21 each
I was so excited about these lipsticks, and they haven't disappointed. These are without a doubt the 2 most pigmented as well as creamy lipsticks, I have ever swatched or tried. And look at the gorgeous colours! Eros is a vibrant, pillar box red and Hero is a deep cherry red. Cannot wait to wear these and give you some lip swatches! And an amazing lipstick like this for the equivalent of £1.21? Amazing.

My order came to $17.83 with $11.38 shipping, coming to a grand total of $29.11 which in pounds is £17.76, which I think is a really reasonable amount for the high quality products you get and shipping from the US! This is my second order with Cherry Culture and it definitely won't be my last. I just wish NYX was more available in the UK, they seem to have some gems.

What other NYX products do you recommend?


  1. Some lovely buys! I've always wanted to buy some NYX but never have gotten around to it!
    If you want to try some cream blushes and you have oily skin then Topshop ones are good because they dry with a bit of a powdery finish I find xx

  2. There is another NYX uk website called, Not sure on prices for delievery but if you want to try UK instead that is a good one, I really like the look of the concealer! xx

  3. Ive only ever tried NYX lipsticks, the concealer looks worth a try though! x

  4. I'm so jealous!!!! This is literally everything I want from NYX but haven't got round to buying cause of the shipping costs. The UK website is rubbish, way overpriced and products are rarely in stock. Can't wait for reviews! x

  5. i love nyx cosmetics, especially their mega shine lipglosses, with the cute bow on top.
    cream blushers (y)

    Cotton2 <3

  6. I have the concealer in the jar and its great!

    Id recommend the NYX MOSAIC BLUSH IN "highlighter"

    Got it last week and its the best highlighter ive tried, i prefer it over highbeam and my mac cream color base in pearl, it contains no glitter!


  7. @Abbie - I was having a peek at the Topshop ones, but I wasn't sure so thanks for telling me they dry as a powder!

    @Lisa - Ooh, I'm going go and have a look now!

    @Mybutterfly63 - Yeah I love the lipsticks, and I'm really loving the concealer so far :)

    @GoldenGlow - I always find thats the problem... UK websites overprice the NYX products by so much!

    @Cotton - Their lipglosses are on my wishlist for my next order! ;)

    @Nichola - Yeah I love it so far! Ooh I've been looking for a highlighter with no glitter so AGES! Thank you!


  8. I want those lipsticks, they look amazing and I'll have to buy them. I haven't used NYX before but i've heard brilliant things about them.


  9. @Forever Miss Vanity - You won't be dissapointed, they are really great products! I know delivery is a bit pricey, but it's totally worth it if you order quite a few :)



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