Sunday, 2 October 2011

My week in photographs

The week got off to a nice start, in the UK at the moment (well, most of it) we're experiencing an 'Indian Summer' which is pretty nice! In Brighton I think we got highs of 24C but other places got 29C! Was obviously very excited to see this temp come up on my dashboard <3

Took a little trip to Pizza Express - again. This is starting to become a habit I think?? Because it was so nice we actually sat outside. Eating outside in late September/October, how crazy is that? Oh and does anyone else's other half spend the whole meal on their phone? (And I know he reads this so, hi Dean!). I always order either the llegera contadina pizza aka a pizza with a whole in the middle filled with salad or the ceaser salad, they're both amazing.

Dean got another tattoo this week, when he first told me his plans to get a Polynesian tribal sleeve I was a bit sceptical - didn't think I'd like it at all. But after seeing the result after his first session I really like it :) I know tattoos aren't everyone's thing so... yeah.

So now some sad news... my Chinese dwarf hamster died :( It's all a bit distressing really. If the hamster had just died of old age/natural causes it wouldn't be quite so upsetting, because that's life right? But the cat actually managed to get hold of the hamster and it didn't turn out well and it was horrific to find. What's more is I can't really be mad at the cat because it's in her wiring isn't it? Poor little guy :(

So I hope you've all had a lovely week, and enjoyed the sunshine if you got it!


  1. So sad to hear about your hamster! :( my cat did the same to mine when I was young and my Mum lied to me and said it died of a broken heart! I believed her as well LOL. A funny story now, but I was devastated at the time.

    xxx Kat

  2. Aww :(, RIP cesc (I hope I remembered his name!), glad to hear you've been enjoying the lovely weather xx

  3. awwww :'(
    My cat got a hold of my goldfish too :(
    impossible to stay mad with the cuite :)

  4. Oh no that is so sad about your hamster :( Looks like the rest of your week was good though :)

    L x

  5. Thank you girlies! You're all so sweet xoxo

  6. Aw no that's awful about your hamster! I've never been to Pizza Express :O it looks delicious though! xx


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