Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I bought too much stuff...

Hello lovelies,
Yep, today is a haul day. And I'm fully aware that I bought far too much and I do feel pretty guilty about it now. However, most of the clothes are essentials/basics that I really needed. There's a bit of beauty in there as well, of course. I still have my eye on loads of stuff that I want but I'm staying strong, and Christmas is right around the corner right? ;) *Be warned, this is a pretty boring haul*

Purple Cardigan, £6.00 /Primark
This is actually a really vibrant purple which isn't translating on camera well at all. In need of some new cardigans in preparation for layering in Winter. Vibrant purple was obviously a sensible colour choice? FACEPALM. 

Deep Red Cardigan, £9.99 /H&M
Again, another cardigan. I've had my eye on this coloured cardigan for a while and thought I'd finally pick it up. BTW if you're trying to save money they do this kind of colour (slightly more berry toned) in the same cardigan as the one pictured first from Primark. But I think this H&M one will probably wash/wear a little better. I hope, anyway.

Mesh Insert Bodycon Dress, £12.99 /H&M
Every girl needs a staple LBD and for me, this is it. I've already worn it on a night out and I loved it! It's very figure hugging and shortish but isn't too risque because the mesh insert at the top stop there from being too cleavage-y. And it was so cheap! *The mesh was making the camera go crazy, so sorry about the rubbish photo.

Grey Flecked Jumper, £18.00 /Next
Pretty much just a basic for when it gets colder... but I adore this flecked detail. In love. They have it in a bunch of different colours and I definitely have my eye on the dusty pink one!

Sequin Stripe Jumper, £35 /Next
Words cannot describe how much I love this jumper! I've been umming and aahing over it for a while. Normally, I never shop in Next but now that I work there I just seem to be mentally shopping all of the time. I'd be really sad if the sequins fall off easily so hopefully they stick around for a while. Going to get a lot of wear out of this I think :)

Crackle Mirror Vase, £12.00 /Next
Bit of a random buy here, but I'm so attracted to this crackled mirror effect! I'm trying to get my room looking a little bit prettier so I'm going to put some white artificial flowers in this - ideally tulips and peonies. I love how you can see my saved pennies haha. Can I just say... I do work for Next so I did get discount on all of the Next items featured :)

Now onto cosmetics...

Earlier in the week Boots were having a 3 for 2 offer on pretty much everything in store, so I took advantage of that :) Picked up some essentials that I was running out of and some other bits that I've been lusting over (VO5 miracle concentrate). Of course, I then got some No 7 vouchers and went back to spend them - they know how to reel me in! I picked up the Men's face wash because I saw someone here on blogger mention how well it worked for her *If that was you please let me know!

So yup, finally done! Now it's time to go back on a spending ban me thinks.


  1. I've been buying quite a lot of stuff recently too. Mine are also basics that I've told myself I need haha
    I have the Primark purple cardigan too, as well as a green one. Mine seem to have washed well, so going to pick up a few more! May look in H&M for some too.
    I also love the cracked mirror effect :) Wilkinsons have a range of vases, candle holders etc with it and they're so pretty! x

  2. Fab haul! Especially loving the black dress and Next grey jumper :).

    Sadie x

  3. nice haul :) i have that vase! Xx

  4. That vase is beautiful!! Do they do it in a dark silver colour? It'd look great with my new wallpaper [lol!]

    Let us know how that face wash works for you - I'd love to give it a go!!

    Katie x

  5. This is a fab haul! :) Im now following you! I bought the H&M cardigan about 3 years ago and it hasnt shrunk or lost its shape at all!!! xx

  6. @Louise - Ooh I may pick up some more in Primark then, thank you :)

    @Sadie - Thank you! Happy you enjoyed it :)

    @Essie - Thanks :D Haha, good taste ;)

    @kt_gray_3 - Unfortunately they don't :( they do it in a regular silver colour? Haha. Will let you know how th face wash goes!

    @Soph - Thank you, and thanks so much for following! Ahh thats good to hear, I've got so much wear out of it already!


  7. Love the look of all the goodies you bought! I've been lusting after the sequinned Next jumper for agesss but couldn't justify the price! I start my new job at Next this week so I might just have to buy it ;) xx


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